So I rewatched ‘Hannah Montana’ and remembered why it was so great

The minute the drum beat starts and the guitar goes “ta-na-na-na-na-na” and Miley Hannah starts singing “you get the limo out front,” it’s like I had a major adrenaline rush. I rewatched Hannah Montana on Disney International, and I remembered just why it was one of the greatest TV shows of all time. Without it, my childhood would have been much less entertaining.

If you don’t believe me, here are 8 reasons that will definitely convince you:

1. Uh, hello, she has a double life!!

Who doesn’t love secrets? Especially secrets as spicy as a popstar who lives a double life as a regular teenage girl! Or a regular teenage girl who lives a double life as a popstar — however you want to look at it. Awkward, dorky, adorable Miley rocks out on stage and has millions of fans. But, she wants to stay humble. Thus, the double life.

2. Jackson and his mad antics

Always upto some really random, stupid shit, Jackson is the epitome of every teenage boy. Lazy, girl-hungry and generally not the most responsible, Miley’s older brother can act more childish than even her. Although he loves annoying Miley, we know that he really loves her…deep down. On the surface though, the most parts of him that we do see are his belly face characters and silliness.

3. Billy Ray Cyrus Stewart

Basically a TV version of Miley Cyrus’s real dad, Billy Ray Cyrus Stewart (man, I have to stop doing that), is the dorkiest, hillbilly-est, secret country rockstar TV dad that Disney could have come up with. He doesn’t really act as much as he just…says the dialogues. But, eh. His great hair makes up for that.
Growing up I looked at Billy Ray as Miley’s lowkey dad. Now though, after rewatching HM, I realised just how attractive he is.

4. Lily and Oliver are the best friends ever

Epitomising the definition of “friend goals,” Lily and Oliver are always there for Miley. While Lily is Miley’s soul sister and best friend and one true love, Oliver is the goofy, fun guy who is also ready to do anything for Miley. The two of them are hilarious and always messing around, making us wish our best friends were this entertaining.
One thing I actually was not comfortable with, though, was their pairing. Loliver = nope.

5. Rico, the tiny evil genius.

Rico was a little bastard but gave us some gooood laughs. He ran and managed Rico’s Surf Shop on the beach, but the only thing he was best at managing was the amount he could torture his employees. His favourite victim was always Jackson, and in general anybody who fell to his prey. Rico’s size was definitely deceptive. He had all the evil of a huge monster.

6. Celebrity guest stars were always 🔥 

The Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Dolly Parton, Dr Phil, John Cena, Alison Brie…the list goes on. Hannah Montana went all out when it came to featuring celebrity guest stars, each of them rocking the show. Also, I love how casually Dolly Parton just shows up as Miley’s godmother, as she is IRL.

7. Hannah Montana actually gave us some great music

I mean, I ROCKED out to the Hannah Montana albums when I was 10. Living in my Mumbai home, I probably had never gone through anything that a secret popstar in California had, but I totally related. The albums had it all — love songs, emo, angsty songs, rockstar songs, friendship songs…you know what, brb. I’m going to search for the albums on Spotify.


I love Miley. I love everything about her. I love her through all her phases, her hairstyles, her music sounds. She bravely spoke up about how messed up it was to work for a company as big as Disney when she was just 11, how it led to her smoking up as a teenager, how they totally took advantage of a young girl for personal gains, and how she was sick of playing the role of “America’s perfect young girl” for the world to see. Miley may be outrageous and wild, but at least she’s honest and totally genuine. She’s come a long way and HAS THE MOST MAGICAL VOICE IN THE WORLD.

So, are you also going to Disney+ Hotstar/switching Disney International to search for Hannah Montana? Great. Me too.

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