Money Heist Moments That Kept Us On The Edge!

Be ready to pull out your Salvador Dali mask, the red jumpsuit, and chant  “Bella Ciao” because Money Heist aka  La casa de Papel is here! Money Heist, the Spanish show has become a huge global phenomenon, with fans from all over the world waiting for the release of the new season. 

Season 4 was high on politics and betrayal and few unexpected moments that left everyone in a state of shock. The plot was unpredictable and the screenplay leaves you doubting even the simplest of scenes. Season 4 ended with the professor being caught by Alicia Sierra (the police officer). The scene had kept the audience wondering if it’s all over for the money heist thieves! 

Fans across the globe have waited for enough and finally, the release date of the 5th season is out. The final season will be presented to you in two parts. One will be released in September and the other in December. While the fans wait for the release, the makers released a mind-boggling trailer for the fans! The trailer has left everyone restless and September already seems too far. The trailer has got never seen before action scenes and it says “Always Fight, Never Surrender” It seems this time they have to fight without the help of the professor. Now that is something to look out for!

Now since the trailer is out and we are eagerly waiting for volume 1 to release, let us have a look at some of those moments from Money Heist that kept us on the edge of our seats. 

1. Nairobi’s Death

The scene of Nairobi’s funeral left a heavy silence, everyone just came to a standstill and tears rolled down. It was one emotional scene. None expected that we would have to bid goodbye to Nairobi. She went through hell before being shot by Gandía. She sees her son, but gets shot, undergoes a major surgery under inexperienced hands, her head pushed through a door and hands shot, she faces hell before being killed. 

 The jaw-dropping moment comes in a split second when Nairobi turns around to face Gandía as he calls her a mutt and boom! A bullet right through her forehead! The fast-paced scene suddenly slows down. Fans were left in splits and they couldn’t even gather themselves! 

The final funeral journey of Nairobi with ‘The Fucking Boss’ written on her coffin was definitely the most emotional scene of Money Heist. 

2. Tokyo’s Reentry To The Royal Mint! 

Everyone had their eyes glued to the screen as the badass Tokyo made her way to the Royal Mint on a motorcycle. Tokyo fearlessly rode the bike past the police barricades while Rio and Denver covered her up. The last moment sliding through the closing door moment almost made us leave our seats. She skids and stops in front of her shocked heist mates Berlin, Nairobi, and Helsinki. Well, what can we call this scene other than just EPIC! 

Well, it definitely came with a setback! Moscow was shot and that was a loss everyone grieved for.

3. Rio’s Rescue

The entire third and fourth season proved that the professor and team had the support of the public. They were seen protesting the wrongdoings of the police and were demanding the release of Rio by conducting rallies. 

The final tears running down the cheeks moment came when the officers had no choice but to release Rio. The moment definitely kept us at the edge of the seat. Finally, after all the torture, Rio was set free. In the scene when Rio exits the car and sees all the supporters and gives a victory yell, it gives everyone goosebumps. To top it all up Tokyo was watching him, the moment she felt that risking everything was worth it! A total winning moment for all. 

4. Lisbon’s Death

We all knew something bad was going to happen when Lisbon was caught by the civilians. Finger-biting moment when she was desperately trying to convince them to not turn her to the police, only to fail. 

In the scene where the Professor is running through the forest and yelling at Lisbon to just get out of that place,  he suddenly hears gunshots! Not just the professor’s but our hearts stopped for a while too when we heard the gunshot being fired. We all thought that Lisbon was dead. And as the professor said, we all felt ‘ Now this is war.’ 

5. Lisbon’s Rescue Plan!

Trust the professor guys! He has it all planned for everyone. The rescue plan is one of them. As soon as he confirmed that Lisbon is alive, he prepared a plan, and we can definitely call this one badass! 

The entire rescue plan was so intense that it became difficult to sit still. Right from Lisbon stalling for time at her trial, to the miners digging through the parking garage, to successfully trapping her transfer vehicle, to the staged gunfight on the rooftop, the helicopter rescue for Gandia, the blue-marked ammo magazines shooting blanks, and finally the reunion – the entire scene was so nerve chilling that we all were glued to the seats and our hearts had pacing nervously moment. There wouldn’t have been a better way to end the season. 

6. Berlin’s Sacrifice

Love him or hate him, you can’t ignore the fact that he held the team together and stuck to the plan that the professor had till the very end. While his backstory makes you emotional, his present conduct might make you want to kill him – he molested a woman, manipulated people, and gave up Tokyo to the police. He had the potential to be the modern age, Hitler.

But when it was time to save his heist mates, he gave up his life. He decided to sacrifice his life and die like a hero fighting till his last breath. The final moments just gave us chills and gave us a silent tear too.

Well, now we wait to see what happens next. Do let us know which was your off-the-edge moment from Money Heist! 

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