Top 5 Scenes from Mahabharat

Produced by BR Chopra, directed by Ravi Chopra, and dialogues written by Dr Rahi Masoom Raza, Mahabharat changed the game of Indian television when it was first released on Doordarshan in 1988. The epic is insane on its own, with twists and turns, and family issues so warped that it makes your family look normal. It’s the perfect mix of family drama, war action thriller, and spiritual morals, blended into a series of 94 episodes. Now that it’s back on TV, along with Ramayan. We listed some of the iconic Ramayan scenes here and thought to share with you some of our favourite Mahabharat moments. It’s helping us get through this horrible coronavirus-induced pandemic lockdown, each episode more thrilling than the previous one.

Here are some of the best moments:

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Krishna Ka Shanti Prastaav

We all know that the war in Mahabharat, the yuddh, is inevitable, but it’s not like there were attempts for peace prior to this. The one defining moment where peace was striven for is this one, when Krishna visits Bhishma in his court, and says that peace is very important. For when there is war, people from both sides lose lives, even though only one side arises as the winner. Yet, Duryodhana’s pride denies Krishna’s suggestion to return Indraprastha to the Pandavas, and even threatens to seize Krishna. Disappointed, Krishna drops his two cents on the dangers of war, and then leaves.

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Ekalavya’s Gurudakshina

Ekalavya’s guru dakshina has become a universal example of how minorities, and subjugated people, often sacrifice more to even try to achieve what people in power, or majorities, are born with. Ekalavya only wanted to be trained under Drona, but the guruji was angry that he was learning in secret, but far more threatened that Ekalavya’s skilled archery was far superior to the Pandavas’. He decided to test Ekalavya’s loyalty in a cruel way: by demanding his thumb as dakshina. Knowing that this would prevent him from ever using the bow and arrow again, Ekalavya humble cut off his own thumb and handed it to him.

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Gandhari Curses Krishna

After losing 99 of her children, Gandhari is heartbroken that she has only one son left. She blames Krishna for having the power to stop the war, yet not having done so. Her pain is insurmountable, and is heavily dramatised in this one scene where she curses Krishna. She curses him to lose his children, too. It’s a powerful scene, where a blind mother curses a God–something that nobody has done before.

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Abhimanyu Trapped in the Chakravyuh

One of the most ingenious plots of the Mahabharata is the Chakravyuh in which Abhimanyu is trapped. Equally tragic and thrilling, this young warrior–Arjun’s son–bravely enters the battlefield, only to be outsmarted and outnumbered by the Kauravas. The Chakravyuh was a battle plan that the Kauravas employed, a choreographed structure used to take down their enemy. Although Abhinmanyu successfully penetrates the Chakravyuh, he succumbs to his death inside it.

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Kunti Meets Karna

If there is any one tragic hero of the Mahabharata, it’s Karna. Born to an unwed Kunti and raised by adoptive parents, he ends up fighting on the Kaurava side of the war because of his loyalty to Duryodhana. In this scene, Kunti realises that Karna knows who she is, and while he is happy to have his mother by his side, he must fight alongside Duryodhana for he cannot break his promise. Kunti is a caring mother, but was victim to her own circumstances. And she loved Karna just as much as her other sons.

These are some of our favourite scenes. Do you have more to add to this list? Hit us up on and we’ll feature you!

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