Alone this valentine? Watch Some K Drama instead!

Yes yes we know, the fever and pressure of social media about valentine’s day is everyone, and we are sick and tired of it. Some of us are single, okay? Our plans include buying ourselves pizza and chocolate and staying away from social media and everyone’s lovey dovey posts. 

But what if, fellow single people, we can experience brand new love this valentines? Intrigued? Then welcome to the world of K Drama, where everything is shining and beautiful, and the only thing that will break your heart is the intense chemistry between K Drama actors! Not persuaded? Here, have more reasons! 

1. Unexpected stories!

An alien lands on Earth and falls in love with an actress after 400 years (My Love From The Star)! A 900 year old stupidly handsome goblin destined to die by his bride’ hand (Goblin)! An entrepreneur from South Korea falls in love with a North Korean soldier (Crash Landing On You)! Aren’t these stories exciting? Full of mythology, supernatural, romance, suspense, horror and thriller, these stories grab our attention and don’t let go! 


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2. Delightful plots!

There are star crossed lovers, epic bromances, second leads that become fast favorites, love triangles, unrequited love – K Dramas have it all! Whatever story you wish to see, K Dramas will provide! With dramatic plot lines and equally dramatic characters, there is never a dull moment in the world of K Drama!


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3. Visuals!

If not a fan of romances, watch K Dramas for their cinematography. They are unparalleled in their visual feasts, where every scene is painstakingly captured to give us an epic show. Not only that, but watching Koreans eat drool-worthy Korean food is always a treat, with an abundance of ramen, chicken, Subway, barbecue, kimchi, or tteokbokki always on the table, and us watching them eat. 


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4. The romance! 

While K Dramas don’t shy away from physical intimacy, they also treat it much more gently than their western counterparts. There is slow build romance at first, and kissing and physical intimacy is often handled classily (check out the romantic bed scenes in Healer and Suspicious Partner, both with Ji Chang-Wook, by the way). But what takes the cake is the chemistry between the leads, and we are happy to just watch them fall in love, and go ‘aww!’

Do you want more K Drama recommendations? Do let us know.

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