Every Character From Indian Matchmaking Summed Up Through These 25 Tweets

We still can’t stop reeling about Indian Matchmaking. The show is just so entertaining but real for all us desi girls and guys who have felt the shaadi pressure from our families. The fact that it’s reality TV makes it connect all the more to the audience; Twitter is going crazy with siding with some characters and relating with others.

We picked some of the best tweets to label the many characters whom we came across on Indian Matchmaking. They are:

Akshay’s Mother, the Patriarchal Indian Aunty

Pradhyuman, the not pretty, rich playboy who is definitely heterosexual

Vyasar, the kind, lovely, progressive guy

Aparna, the ambitious, strong, independent Indian woman who will not settle.

Akshay, the Indian guy who wants to marry his mother

The cute, older couples who come from a generation of commitment, compromise and acceptance

The intelligent, assertive businesswoman Ankita, of whom we saw too little πŸ™

The cat sneering at couples on a date, which is me

Aparna’s Mom, the classic pressurising, emotional-blackmailing Indian parent

And of course, the legend herself: Sima Taparia, the Bombay Aunty who knows everybody and matches everybody and basically runs society & the world.

Last, but definitely not the least, the dusky brown girls who don’t fit any aunty’s bracket of being fair and lovely and therefore aren’t even on the show.

Have we summed up every character on the show? If not, tell us your thoughts on contactus@mirchiplay.com
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