Petition: Bring Back These 5 Shows From Our Childhood

I’m gonna be honest with you: I love Mahabharata. I am genuinely so happy that DD has brought it back into our lives, and I can say, unashamedly, that it has made my quarantine so much better than before. It’s a nostalgic treat, taking me back down memory lane. TV used to be a sacred thing, unlike today, where it’s available one click away. Remember when you were a kid, and the best treat after going down to play was coming home to Tang and dinner, fighting with your sister over the TV remote, and then watching the 8pm show you loved so much?

Yeah, those were good times. And it’s time to pay tribute to those shows that you followed every night, and discussed with your friends the next morning before Assembly.

Also, bring back these shows! On Hotstar, MXPlayer, Prime, Netflix, AltBalaji—we don’t care. All we know is the younger generation NEEDS to be educated on the most iconic Indian TV shows.

Like these ones:


Even if you claim to not remember it, I guarantee that you remember Anvesha, oh Tia, you know I gotta get with ya! Yuvraj and Ranvir, yeah, have no fear let’s make this clear! This show was EVERYTHING. We want it back. *Throws books in the air*

Hip Hip Hurray

Okay, this show was WAY ahead of its time. It dealt with very real teen, student issues, like ragging, peer pressure, exam pressure, love, dating, crushes, school discipline, family drama, and was entertaining af. It really helped having this show when we were in school—it was relatable and understood us, when no adults really did. Oh, and it had a young, very cute, Purab Kohli.

Dil Mil Gaye

If I have unrealistic love goals, it’s because of this show. Armaan and Riddhima were sexy, smart, had chemistry, banter, and drama! It was the whole package. Oh, and the whole medical drama was so exciting (though we understood none of it). The teenage fandom was all for this show, and I was very proudly part of it.

Balika Vadhu

For real though, Balika Vadhu was a gamechanger. I watched it from ages 10-16, and I was hooked. I almost never missed a single day. Here was a show that displayed the problems of child marriage—a very serious crime in India—through lovable characters and an engaging storyline. It was realistic, and catered to a progressing middle class that wasn’t aware of certain practices in their own country. Relevant today, relevant always.

Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai

What words are even sufficient to describe the GOAT Indian show? None. Each member of the Sarabhai family is a character—Maya the South Bombay Aunty, Indravadhan the MNC retiree, Rosech the Shayar, Monisha the Middle Class Wife, Sahil the Doctor stuck between his Wife and Mother…this show was everything. Although Hotstar revived it in 2017, we still love the old stuff. What we’d give to have this played again on TV! We could use some laughs in quarantine.

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