8 moving moments from Mumbai Diaries 26/11 on Prime that hit us hard

We’ve seen a bunch of documentaries and shows based on the attacks of 26/11 made in the past, but something about the Konkona Sen Sharma and Mohit Raina starrer, Mumbai Diaries 26/11 on Prime hits the right spots. As the name suggests, the show accounts for the horrific terror strike that took place back in 2008, but this time, from the perspective of the medical workers- A community whose contribution in recovering the city of Mumbai remained neglected in cinema for all these years. 13 years later, today, Mumbai Diaries 26/11 presents us with a fresh pov and tells us the stories of the medical professionals, who like many of us, were scared and vulnerable people that bravely managed to save lives through the crisis.

The show keeps you glued to your screens right from the first episode and has multiple instances that make you take a moment and think. Some of them, enough to give you goosebumps or leave you teary-eyed. Here are a few of my favourite moments from Mumbai Diaries 26/11 on Prime that genuinely moved me.

1. When Dr. Kaushik Oberoi tells Diya that it’s okay to ask for help when you’re struggling with mental health.

2. When Mrs. Parekh tells her husband to put his expectations aside and appreciate Diya for being a wonderful daughter.

3. When Dr. Kaushik stands by his professional ideologies even when held at gun-point.

4. When Dr. Chitra teaches Ahaan to move on.

5. When Dr. Chitra and Dr. Kaushik shared dialogues that showed the pure and supportive relationship they had.

6. When Sujata asks for what she deserves.

7. When Beeji taught us an important life lesson.

8. The victorious end to 3 days of terror

Watch this amazing show if you haven’t already and let us know about your favourite moments!

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