8 CID Memes That Will Make You Rewatch the TV Show…

ACP Pradyuman’s “oh my God, yeh toh laash hai!”, Daya’s ability to knock down any door in the world, Abhjeet’s street smartness, Purvi’s quick-thinking and fearlessness, and of course, Dr Fredricks’s crazy antics: these are just a few of the elements which made CID such an iconic show. Besides the iconic cast, CID also had some great murder mysteries that were as engrossing as they were educating us on the realities of our own cities and homes.

Now that lockdown has eased a little bit, everybody thinks they can go out and chill and continue ‘normal life’ or whatever (yes, I’m talking about the Marine Drive pictures), but that is not the case. Coronavirus is still a very big fear, and we should stay put at home as much as possible. In case you’re bored of staring at the walls, or your family’s faces, here are some reasons why you should go back to CID, and watch a TV show that defined the Indian audience for more than 20 years.

Because life right now is like an extended holiday, so CID & Chill is the perfect pastime

Because you know you cannot go back in time and undo a wrong…

Because Daya’s unconventional style of entering people’s homes will make you rethink how you ring the bell

Because this isn’t the time to go out clubbing!

Because we all clearly can’t get enough of Daya breaking down the door

Because CID can barge in anytime, anywhere, and you will love it

Because one of the CID members might just be a great comedian in disguise…

When your parent demands to check your Instagram, but you know what’s hidden in your DMs…

And most importantly, watch CID because you’re not alone in the lockdown. Even Daya can’t open his own door, okay!

So, there you have it. Watch a little CID, get nostalgic, laugh a little, watch the episode of The Deadly Virus which predicted covid, and stay home. Stay safe. Otherwise, ACP Pradyuman will say “oh my God, yeh toh emergency hai!”

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