7 TV Shows Based on the Indian Army you HAVE to See

In a world where territorial ambition is high and all sorts of harm is done in the name of ‘nationalism’, we often forget to acknowledge those who bear the brunt of it. While we are comfortable at home, baking our banana breads and catching up on the latest season of Money Heist, there is an entire army of men protecting our borders and fighting for our lives.

The Indian Defence is a force to be reckoned with. Here are 7 TV Shows on the Indian Defence Forces that MUST be seen-

1. fauji

Fauji is an absolute classic when it comes to TV shows on the Indian Army. Like the name suggests, it’s about a soldier who climbs his way up the ranks, but not without extreme hardships and sacrifice. His skills are put to the test in every endeavour. Like all TV shows of the time, Fauji has all the classic elements- betrayal, love, sacrifice, friendship, loss, anger and pride. Plus it marks the roots of the king himself, Shah Rukh Khan.

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2. sea hawks

Anubhav Sinha’s Sea Hawks is all about the Indian Coast Guard and their duty at sea. It aired in the 90’s and has that likeable nostalgia to it. The show focused on the day to day activities of the Coast Guard and the plethora of problems they faced from sea mafias, dons, thugs, other militia, terrorists and more. It highlighted the mental and physical prowess needed to be in the Indian Coast Guard. Plus it had some killer under-water scenes that were WAY ahead of the times. It had a killer cast too! R. Madhavan, Om Puri, Milind Soman, Simone Singh, Anup Soni and more!

You may have to source this one out from somewhere deep in the internet 🙁

sea hawks indian army indo china

3. the test case

The Test Case combines the Indian Army, Feminism, and a whole lot of Bad-A**ness into one show. Capt. Shikha Sharma (Nimrat Kaur) is the only female officer to be training to join the Special Forces, which inadvertently makes her the Army’s ‘Test Case’. She’s always doubted, challenged and sidelined because she’s a woman in a male dominated regiment. This show depicts the grit of one woman to smash all the stereotypes that surround her. It is a very compelling and gripping show, and should be on your watch list.

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4. chhoona hai aasmaan

Chhoona Hai Aasmaan is about 6 officers who form a special unit of the Indian Airforce called HAWKS. It depicts the life and duty of an Airforce officer and all challenges they face and sacrifices they make. It’s an entertaining show and each episode features a standoff with an enemy, a nail biting conflict or a classic twist in the tale. It also focuses on a love story between two of the officers, Abhimanyu and Sameera, who’s relationship is always put to the test by their duty. Chhoona Hai Aasmaan aired on Star One for the longest time, remains one of the best shows till date.

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chhoona hai aashmaan indian army indo china

5. the forgotten army

Kabir Khan’s, The Forgotten Army is a historical show that narrates the plight of the regiment who bravely marched towards Dehli shouting “Challo Dilli” to demand freedom from the British. They were led by Netaji Subash Chandra Bose. This regiment, that was the first to enlist women, was often overlooked in our history, despite being extremely pivotal to our freedom struggle. This show is worth watching for it’s vibrant narrative, excellent cinematography and overall appeal. In some ways, you may even relate to the struggle pre-independence army-men went through.

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6. left right left

Left Right Left was extremely popular back in the day. It revolved around the lives of 6 cadets who are under training at the Kanchanjunga Military Academy. It was novel because it had a very young cast and was set in an army school backdrop. Left Right Left was all about the perils and hardships involved in army training, and how it is much more painstaking than it seems. It also centered around friendship, love, betrayal, loyalty and vengeance. The cast comprising of now-known names like Rajeev Khandelwal and Arjun Bijlani had great chemistry and kept us hooked on it.

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left right left indian army indo china

7. 21 Sarfarosh – Saragarhi 1897

This historical drama tells the brave tale of the 21 Soldiers of the 36th Regiment of the British Army, who single handedly fought an onslaught by 15,000 Afghani tribesman to protect the Saragarhi fort. This show is not for the faint hearted. It highlights the level of loyalty this regiment had, despite fighting under the British. It’s a valiant tale that many of us may never have heard about, but need to know. It’ll evoke feelings of anger, sadness and extreme pride in you.

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Bonus- Regiment diaries

This isn’t a TV Show, but a docuseries on the Indian Army and the various regiments within it. It depicts the journey a soldier takes to get to the very top, all his/her hardships, challenges, emotional trauma, nepotism and more. The Regiment Diaries also delves deep into the traditions and history that make the Indian Army what it is today and give it it’s rich culture. It’s emotional, gripping, interesting and will leave you feeling very proud by the end of it. This docuseries must be at the top of your watch list.

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TV shows based on the Indian Army, Indian Airforce, Indian Navy or any other segment of the Indian Defence are entertaining as well as educational to watch. Furthermore they give your brains a breather from the countless TV Soaps that feature melodrama, scheming mother-in-laws and snakes, oh so many snakes.

In these times more than ever, we must truly appreciate and recognize the sacrifice our army men make for us. Their sleepless nights result in our peaceful mornings, and we must never ever forget that.

Mirchi Play salutes the brave men who keep us safe and sound, and is forever in their debt.

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