4 Reasons Why You Must Watch Squid Game On Netflix If You Haven’t Already

Netflix’s new show ‘Squid Game’ has taken the world by storm, becoming the streaming platform’s biggest original series of all time! Even though Squid Game is not exactly the very first survival genre show, there’s something about it that has caught everyone’s attention.

The 9 episode Korean series has become the internet’s new favourite, however, let us warn you- this might not be the show for you if you have very little tolerance for gore and violence. But if you can manage to push yourself towards the end, despite the bloody scenes and gory details, here are 4 reasons why you should watch Squid Game over this weekend.

1. Brilliant Concept

Even though the genre of the show is barely new, Squid Game offers a brilliant concept that’s never been explored before. A group of 456 people under huge debts are lured into a bloodthirsty survival game where the last person standing would have the chance to walk away with 45.6 billion Korean won ($39 million). However, the show isn’t just about plain survival. Squid Game touches on themes of socio-economic inequality, underclass desperation, exploitation, and the deterioration of humanity’s moral fibre. All through a series of simple childhood games the players grew up playing.

2. Episodes that keep you on the edge of your seats

If you are a big fan of thrillers, Squid Game should definitely be next on your watch list. The entire challenge that is built around childhood games quickly turns ugly when the stakes are revealed. You die if you don’t follow the rules, you die if you don’t complete the game in the allotted time, and you may even get killed in your sleep by other players because only one person wins the game. The anticipation of ‘what next?’ keeps you glued to your screens until the very last episode.

3. Very-Well Written Characters

Every character in Squid Game has an interesting back story. These are members of marginalised society that come from all walks of life. There’s an unemployed man with a gambling problem who struggles to gain respect from his family, there’s a young girl who is doing it all to get her mom back from North Korea. Every player in the game has a reason to put their lives at stake, which gives us a reason to root for them. Many experts are even attributing the show’s global popularity to its characters.

4. A good start to watching KDramas

Kdramas are increasingly gaining popularity all over the world. There are quite a few Korean shows and a whole world of critically acclaimed Kdramas that you probably haven’t discovered yet. Squid Game could give you a good headstart and introduce you to some great non-English TV shows.

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