10 reasons why Delhi Crime on Netflix deserved the International Emmy win

Netflix’s web series Delhi Crime has done India proud at the 48th International Emmy Awards, as

1. Shefali Shah

Shefali Shah was absolutely incredible as Vartika Chaturvedi, the Deputy Commissioner of Police who is tasked with the job of finding the criminals who raped and killed a woman in Delhi. She is relatable, grounded and absolutely captivating in her performance.

2. The female perspective

We often see male police officers “saving the day” (ahem, Sooryavanshi) and fighting off bad guys to rescue damsels in distress. But here, we finally see the perspective of a female cop, her daughter who is distraught by the case, and the fervour with which women demand justice.

3. A difficult subject is tackled

It’s not easy to explore the horrific Nirbhaya rape case, especially like how it’s done in Delhi Crime, with sensitivity, rawness and no glamour. This is an important series on a very important topic, and was explored with as much honesty as possible. Sure, some may say it was biased towards the police, but to be fair, the Delhi police did catch the rapists within a week.

4. It’s relevance in India and the world

India’s probably one of the worst countries for women. As a woman myself, I feel unsafe all the time, wherever I am. But not just India; Delhi Crime has a resounding effect all around the world. Women universally feel their spine chilling when they hear about rape cases. Men must be educated universally on feminism and learn to stand up for women. This series is a must-watch for everybody.

5. Portrayal of cops

Refreshingly, cops in Delhi Crime aren’t all good or all bad. They’re just people. With errors, like all of us. The series shows the difficulty in catching rapists while also portraying the inner lives of the police. Underneath the uniform, they too are mothers and fathers and friends and family.

6. The fantastic star cast

 Shefali ShahRasika DugalAdil HussainRajesh Tailang, Yashaswini Dayama…every single actor is riveting in this series. Every character is believable and real, and I felt like i knew them personally. The star cast has given their best to this series, making it such an amazing watch.

7. IPS officer Chhaya Sharma’s much deserved attention

IPS officer Chhaya Sharma, who led the investigation team of the infamous Nirbhaya gang-rape and murder case, grew to fame when people found out that she brought the criminals to court. An inspiring woman, Shefali Shah’s character DPC Chaturvedi is written after her.

8. Richie Mehta’s clever direction

Richie Mehta directed the series without any drama, glory, glamour or offensive lines. It’s an honest, raw telling of what happened. And this is what makes the series such a captivating thriller; it’s honest and chilling at the same time.

9. The gripping, chilling plot

We might know what happens, or what is about to happen, but the plot tells us how. It shows us things that happen while also leading into interpersonal relationships, how family dynamics changed after the rape case, how every person’s life was affected, and how an entire country was left reeling with the aftermath.

10. Most importantly: it’s a non-exploitative, non-glamorising narrative

Sending lots of love and congratulatory vibes to the entire cast and crew of Delhi Crime! They have made us all proud.

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