Summertime Trailer Review: Fresh From the YouTube Comments

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Netflix released the trailer of its new, upcoming series, Summertime, yesterday. ” One summer can change your life, whether you’re ready or not.” is the tagline. Starring Ludovico Tersigni, Coco Rebecca Edogamhe, Andrea Lattanzi, Amanda Campana, Giovanni Maini, Alicia Ann Edogamhe and Thony, this star cast includes some of Italy’s best young talent. The story revolves around Ale and Summer, played by Ludovico and Coco, and how their modern love story grows during three months of summer on the Adriatic Coast.

Now, we thought of writing a review and everything, but that was before we scrolled down from the trailer to the (amazing) YouTube comments. We could go on about how the story seems overdone, or give you a full analysis of the visuals, but here’s something better for you. Something more accurate, some might say.
YouTube comments. YouTube users have reviewed the movie in these amazing one-liners, and everybody deserves to see them. After all, we could all use some laughs right now.

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This comment called the movie out for what it was doing: minority representation, but through the same old, drawn-out, teen romcom about dramatic events taking place in summer:

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Some YouTube users haven’t forgotten the current depressing state of affairs the world is in, and gave us a reality check:

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Another user said exactly what we all feel every time we watch one of these movies:

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Dude, this pandemic thing is going to change romance movies forever now:

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Some users asked the right questions. Irrelevant, maybe, but right nevertheless:

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First of all, it’s set in Italy, a beautiful country that’s suffering mercilessly right now. Second, it’s about people hanging out WITHIN FIVE FEET OF EACH OTHER like that’s a fantasy at the moment. Third, summer feels like a dystopian future that I am not ready for.

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Oh, the title of the movie definitely needs to be altered.

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And some users just killed it with reality checks, like this one:

Are we excited for Summertime? Of course we are. It looks like a chill movie with beautiful visuals, very attractive people, and the right amount of drama-comedy that a teen movie should have.
Am I a teen? Nope.
Will I watch this movie anyway? Hell, yeah.

Summertime will be out on Netflix on April 29.

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