Masakali 2.0 Review: Oh God WHY?

After watching the teaser for Masakali 2.0 yesterday I was quite sure the actual song would be a disaster. After watching the full song today, I am fully sure this song is a disaster. Starring Sidharth Malhotra,Tara Sutaria, an over the top set, strange dance moves and stranger sexual innuendos, Masakali 2.0 is a sore sight for any eye.

Here is a list of reasons this remake was a failure-

1. The Lyrics

The original Masakali symbolized freedom and breaking tradition. Masakali literally means pigeon, but metaphorically it stood for a free spirit. In the recent version, Masakali seems to symbolise a woman who likes to have a good time (not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just starkly different from the original). The original lyrics mimicked the swift and nimble movement of a pigeon, the revamped lyrics do no such thing. In fact they are strangely sexual.

“Ho masakali masakali Kahan teri gali teri gali”

And let’s not forget the random english words that make them sound cheap, like-

“Join oh center si adaa Hai ghalti ismein kya bata”

Overall, it’s a cringe-worthy disappointment.

2. The Composition

Tanishk Bagchi is back at it with his ill-timed beat drops and autotuned chords. He has made Masakali a party tune. Or tried to. Towards the end, Mohit Chauhan’s divine hum has been inserted which made the song bearable. All the electronic, EDM-esque insertions in the song seem forced and very out of place. Overall, it is a musical mess.

3. Sidharth Malhotra and Tara Sutaria

Well, if anything they were the best part of the song. They do have good chemistry and added to its aesthetic value. But clearly they shot this straight out of ‘Marjaawaan’, which was weird because I kept relating them to their Marjaawaan personas of a hardened thug and a mute, naive girl. Their look didn’t suit the song and at one point I thought a midget Riteish Deshmukh would pop out of somewhere, which isn’t what I should have been thinking about while watching it. The mullet with the bandana, leather jacket, ripped jeans made Sidharth look un-bathed and out of place in a hotel room setting. And even when he changed his clothes, he kept the mullet. Why? Tara looked pretty but had just one emotion throughout. Was it sexual frustration or sexual satisfaction, we will never know.

Masakali 2.0 by T-Series and Tanishk Bagchi, starring Sidharth Malhotra and Tara Sutaria- A R Rahman Remake
Sid and Tara straight out of Marjaawaan

4. The Hotel Room Set

If Ekta Kapoor’s serial sets took steroids, they would be in Masakali 2.0. The simplicity of the open terrace and Dehli chaos is replaced by a gaudy hotel room with dark green walls, a rotating bed (??), multiple chandeliers, a fully stocked bar with a bonus bathtub in the middle of it all. It’s as if a Sindhi wedding card exploded in the room.
(It actually reminds me of The Humma Song, both in terms of the set and the horrid remake)

Masakali 2.0 by T-Series and Tanishk Bagchi, starring Sidharth Malhotra and Tara Sutaria- A R Rahman Remake
Flashy much?

5. The Questionable Choreography

Let’s face it, the choreography was a hot mess. The weird hand-butterfly move was no match to Sonam Kapoor’s elegant wing step. And what was up with that grinding step?! It was downright uncomfortable to look at and SO cringey. And everything, right from their weird bathtub dances, bar steps and strange bed moves was unbearable and made the remake worse than what it was.

Masakali 2.0 by T-Series and Tanishk Bagchi, starring Sidharth Malhotra and Tara Sutaria- A R Rahman Remake
Umm What?

And with that, another one bites the dust.

Masakali 2.0 is yet another example of why remakes should be discontinued. Tseries and Bagchi have once again managed to ruin that charm the original song had. It is a catastrophe and yet another nail in AR Rahman’s coffin. To cleanse yourself of the bad sights and sound you just heard, watch the OG Masakali again. Trust me it’ll help.

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