Kylie Jenner Announces Her Pregnancy With The Cutest Video Ever!

Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her second baby! What better news than this to hear on a Thursday? After many speculations, Jenner finally confirmed that she and Travis Scott are expecting their second child! Now it’s Kylie Jenner, the announcement had to be in a special way, right? So, here it is. Kylie posted the cutest video on her social media to tell the world about this super happy news. 

The video features the adorable 3-year-old Stormi too. It begins with the visual of a pregnancy test, followed by some really emotional moments like Travis hugging her, the moment when the doctor says that she’s a couple of days away from being able to hear the baby’s heartbeat, and then how Kris Jenner reacts to the news, every bit of the video just gets cute frame by frame. 

Trust me, I just can’t get over this video. It is really emotional and special at the same time. Do not miss Stormi’s reaction at the end. Also how Kris reacts in the typical Grandma style and says that this is the happiest day of her life.  Watch the video right here. 

As soon as she posted the video, her 265 million followers, friends and family flooded her account with congratulatory messages and good wishes. 

The best of them all was of her big sister Kim Kardashian’s wish. She wrote  “Crying!!!! ❤️❤️❤️”

The other sisters and her friends followed too. Have a look

Well, fans had already speculated that she is pregnant as Kylie celebrated her birthday as a low-key affair this year with just friends and family around.

Also, Kylie who was constantly being clicked by the paparazzi didn’t get a glimpse of her since June. Her last appearance was in NYC with Travis. This made her fans guess that she is hiding something.

A TikTok detective had confirmed that she is pregnant by just looking at her manicure. Yes! you read that right. Kylie had posted a picture recently, to mislead her fans, but this girl on Instagram figured out that the picture was actually an old one. She figured this out as she saw Kim’s story where Kylie had a different colored Manicure done.

Well, have a look at how Kylie’s fans reacted to the news of her second pregnancy after a TIK TOK girl predicted it weeks before.

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