“I Come From Two Indias” – Vir Das Drops 7 Truth Bombs In His Latest Video

A 6-minute video by the comedian Vir Das has created an uproar in the country. The monologue in the video was part of his recent performance at the John F Kennedy Centre in Washington DC. Vir Das spoke about topical issues in India like the increasing rape cases, our battle against Covid-19, and even the farmer’s protest. Cases were filed against him and he was called out for ‘insulting India’.

Vir Das then issued a clarification via his Twitter handle and said that his intention was to tell people that despite these shortcomings, India is a great nation.

While many may have criticized the comedian for this monologue, we must say that he literally had the courage to drop some truth bombs. There are people on the internet appreciating his guts to speak out the truth.

So here are the 7 statements from the monologue of Vir Das that fell like a bomb!

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Petrol prices have reached a new high and Vir Das found a cool way to speak about it.

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The farmers’ protests have been going on for a long time now and a lot has happened since then (A car running over them being the biggest news and yet getting minimal news coverage.) Vir Das put out the truth right in front of people for them to see.

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Cricket is religion in India, right? Yet we don’t admit few truths. Here, Vir Das punches you with some bitter facts.

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Accepting sexuality has been a problem right? We all wanted to speak about the same, it’s just that Vir Das thought out loud.

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His words hit you at the right spot, it hurts, but you can’t yell out loud, coz you know he is screaming the truth.

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We claim to worship women as goddesses in our country. Do we really? Think about it.

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Finally, the fate of comedians! Punish them for the truth bombs they drop.

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