House Of Secrets: The Burari Deaths – Not For The Faint-Hearted!

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The latest crime documentary that was released on Netflix will leave you shell shocked and will make you question the society that you are living in. This mini-series containing 3 episodes will scare you, and haunt you for days.

We all remember the day when India woke to the shocking news of the Burari case. 11 family members were found dead in their house under mysterious circumstances. Questions were raised, lots of theories made, speculations made, fabrications, and whatnot. The case soon turned into one high-profile case, and the entire nation’s eyes were on it. Now, filmmaker Leena Yadav tells the story of the case with a fresh perspective through House of Secrets. She has smartly used the information available in the public domain and has made a well-informed documentary for the audience.

We rate it a 4/5

The web series revolves around the Chundawat family. 11 members hung themselves in the neighborhood of Burari in the nation’s capital – Delhi on July 1st, 2018. The documentary’s opening few shots are enough to make your heart faint. Leena Yadav did a social autopsy of the case with the help of the police officers who investigated the case, media journalists, medical experts, and of course friends, relatives, and neighbors of the deceased Chundawat family.

The docuseries are fast-paced and will give you insights into the case. It also makes sure that an emotional touch is added and people get to know about the people who lost their lives to this shocking incident.

The first episode doesn’t give you the inside story and just tells you the main outline of it. But, as the first episode ends, you will be left in a state of shock and things just get more and more haunting.

One must keep in mind that the filmmaker Leena Yadav has used some real footage and while this may sound interesting, it is equally haunting. It will give you sleepless nights and hence trigger warning: watch it only if you can handle it.

The series also focuses on mental health awareness and how lack of awareness took the lives of 11 people. The series will keep you hooked till end. Though it won’t answer all your questions and you will still have many unanswered question at the end of the series, yet it is one haunting ride.

A R Rahman’s mournful background music adds intensity and depth to it and the voice over used to read out the entries from diaries maintained by the family – all just adds up to the value of the series.

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