5 Times When Indian Cricketers Proved That They Are Hopelessly Romantic At Heart

Indian Cricketers never fail to impress us with their game on the field. But, we must say that they are not just good at being the best sportsman but also are great lovers. Yes! their gestures at times have made us all say- AWWW!

So, let us have a look at some of those precious moments when cricketers won our hearts with their loving gestures for their loved ones!

1. Deepak Chahar

Deepak Chahar turned out to be the man we all dreamed of. After his match with Punjab Kings, he went down on his knees to propose to his girlfriend Jaya. She was at the stand and he surprised her with this sweet proposal. Chennai Super Kings celebrated this good news too. The videos didn’t take minutes to go viral. People (especially girls) are going gaga over this romantic gesture.

2. Virat Kohli

India’s hottest cricketer Virat Kohli has shown us his love for Anushka Sharma publicly many times. There are many moments when Anushka in the pavilion and Virat on-field made headlines for their lovable gestures. Virat blowing a kiss to Anushka has to top the list of good gestures.

He showed us that he is the loving husband we all need by asking Anushka if she ate something while he was still on the field. Have a look.

3. M S Dhoni

People love Dhoni for the kind of performance he showcases on the field. He is loved even more for the kind of family man he is. His videos with his daughters are always adorable, but what made him the Mr. Perfect amongst the girls is the fact that he takes care of his wife Sakshi and loves her too much. Dhoni’s gesture where he was seen tying Sakshi’s shoes went viral and people had nothing but just love for him.

4. Rohit Sharma

In 2017 when Mumbai Indians won the IPL trophy under the captainship of Rohit Sharma, he did something which was appreciated by everyone. This game was really special to him as he had returned after a 4-month injury break and after winning it like a boss he decided to let his wife Ritika lift the trophy with him as a token of love and gratitude. He wanted to thank her for being right beside him. Now if this isn’t romantic, then what is?

5. Hanuma Vihari

Team India ace batsman Hanuma Vihari drove all the way from Hyderabad to Warangal which is a three-hour drive just to meet his girlfriend Preethi. When he reached there the house was locked, and she couldn’t come down. Guess what the lover boy did? He decided to climb over the wall and find his way to Preethi. Luckily, he didn’t get caught.

Well, aren’t they just amazing?

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