10 Songs Trending On Instagram Reels That Should Be On Your Playlist

My screen time has reached an alarming level, and I have to blame Instagram for that. It is so addictive, that it almost feels like a black hole once you open the app – you just don’t stop! And while we do this endless scrolling, we come across a lot of creative reels. It is not just the reels that catch our attention but sometimes we end up getting hooked to the music used in the reel, and we end up humming it the entire day.

So, don’t you think these songs now deserve more than just the 30 seconds of attention it was receiving? It’s time we give them a spot on our playlist!

Well, time to update your playlist now! Trust me, you are gonna love it, and will thank Instagram later for having introduced us to a lot of amazing music.

1. Manike Mage Hithe

This song literally proved that music doesn’t need a language to connect to souls. The whole nation grooved to this Sri Lankan song. It was an instant Insta hit song and well, it definitely needs a place in our playlist too.

2. Beggin

Need a girl boss kinda vibe? Play the Beggin track! It’s definitely going to hype up your mood.


A soothing track that MUST have a place in your playlist. The lyrics will win your heart. You hear it once, you will want to hear it 100 more times.

4. Doja Cat Woman

Catchy AF! The song became an instant hit on Instagram with millions of girls from around the world grooving to the song and posting the reel. Now, I just can’t get the song out of my head.

5. In Da Ghetto

Need a new party anthem? Well, here it is! In Da Ghetto will make you tap your feet and get on the dance floor.

6. The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber – STAY

The drone video with Justin Bieber’s song Stay took no time to rule the internet. And now I just can’t stop humming and dancing to the tunes.

7. Baawra Man

Another song that literally calms my mind. The song is so beautiful that it just gives you peace. This has to be your go to song whenever you crave for a peaceful musical night.

8. Jason Derulo – Take You Dancing

Well, it does fit perfectly with your photos right? Now try listening to the whole song. I am sure you will love it.

9. Ghost Town – Voice Memo

And nothing hurts anymore, i kinda feel free….. and this lyrics just touches my heart everytime I listen to this.

10. Mama Said That It Was Okay

With this song on Instagram, many creators showed us how to break some break some stereotypes! This song is catchy and will instantly keep you hooked.

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