Ever wondered what goes into making a super talented and versatile singing sensation like Zayn Malik, maybe it’s the hours of practice and training behind the stardom. But there is something about him that makes him so special that people just go gaga over him. Let us try and look at this star’s journey and decode what makes him so popular amongst people of all age groups. 


Going by the nickname of – “Bradford Bad Boy”, Zayn started his career at the age of 17, where he appeared on the competition series The X Factor. This is where Zayn was teamed up with 4 other people giving One Direction its origin. Infact, the story goes as he was persuaded to participate in the series The X factor, but just look at his growth, within 5 years of it, he went on to become the biggest boy band on the planet. 

He has admitted that, had One Direction not happened to him, then he would have preferred teaching as a profession (Thank God that One Direction happened) 

From being the lead singer in the famous band The One Direction along with Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson, to becoming the heartbeat of millions of fans across the globe, Zayn Malik has achieved what he clearly deserves! 

The reason for it is many (as decoded by his own fans). He carries himself, the way he conducts himself, his interaction with the world, his love for Bollywood, his unique music style that automatically does the part of winning hearts, and many more qualities to add to the list, which needs detailed discussion. 


Let’s begin with him dramatically quitting the band One Direction, which netted him £14 million and millions of adoring fans. When he made the announcement of leaving the band, it shocked his fans, some were really disappointed while some were really worried about his next step. But, nonetheless, this gimmick earned him a lot of popularity and attention without even asking for it. 

After leaving One Direction in March 2015, Malik made a splash the following year with the release of his debut solo album, Mind of Mine. It seemed like there was never a low point for him, and leaving One Direction never affected him in terms of popularity and fame. The graph of fans loving him just kept on increasing. 

Zayn is known for engineering some of the best pop and dance/ electronic music in the industry. Chartbusters like Dusk till dawn, pillow-talk, A whole new world has always made it to the top of Billboard all over the globe. The energy and emotions across all his songs define his pure talent.  It should also be noted that since the start of his career, he has maintained urban music as his main musical influence. His pattern of music, lyrics, and vocals just attracted more audiences. 


Music and talent wasn’t the only thing that kept Zayn in the limelight, his style and personality played a major part too (Or how else do you think, Zayn would have had girls crushing over him). Zayn is particular about presenting himself for the world, his cutting edge and trendy fashion sense makes him more lovable and admirable. Being the Ranveer Singh of Western countries, Zayn never fails to experiment with his wardrobe.

His red-carpet appearances might be few and far between, but whenever he does delight fans with an outing, he does so in style – which is exactly why he is awarded GQ’s Most Stylish Man Of The Year award in 2017.


In order to maintain the crazy fan following, it is important to maintain that kind of relationship with the audience too. And, let us tell you that Zayn is the best when it comes to maintaining that kind of relationship with his fans. He never disappoints them. Well, this is what we all expect from our celebrity crushes, right? Right from replying to his fans and making their day to politely giving them selfies, he is the kind of celebrity we all need!

The PERFECT Relationship

When a celebrity is in the limelight, the fans make sure to notice every bit of him. The major one among them is his relationships, and Zayn Malik has proved that he is the best boyfriend and husband anyone can ever have. He usually stays away from social media, but when he said Love you to Gigi Hadid on social media, fans just couldn’t handle their excitement. The things that he does to maintain a relationship are exceptional. Though they broke up thrice, they reconciled and made it work. He is now a proud father and his fans are too proud of him. It won’t be wrong to say that Gigi Hadid is equally popular and this has just been added to the fan list of Zayn Malik. 

Bollywood connection

Having a Bollywood connection means the increase of fans to the next level. This is the case with Zayn Malik. He has a huge fan base from India too. Not just people, Bollywood too loves Zayn, from SRK to Salman Khan, all the biggies of the industry just can’t have enough of him. 

In an interview, Zayn revealed that his favorites from Bollywood include Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, and Devdas. Zayn also mentioned that he groves to Chaiyya Chaiyya featuring SRK and also likes to hum to Dil Diyan Galan from Tiger Zinda hai featuring Salman Khan.

To top it all, Zayn’s selfie with SRK was the most retweeted picture on Twitter India in the year 2015.

Zayn Malik revealed that His grandfather Azad Malik, whom he refers to as Abu was a big fan of Dilip Kumar. He also shared his picture on his social media handle. 

So his connection with Bollywood has led to gaining millions of fans. 

Zayan Malik trends on Twitter every other day, and the reason is simple – fans just can’t get over him. Right from his personality to his music and skills, fans are head over heels in love with him. So, here before we end talking about him, let us list a few of the best songs by him that you can listen to. While you do so, let yourself fall in love with the star. 

Songs to listen and cherish :


Dusk Till Dawn has its own moments!


A mixture of art, love, pain and pleasure.

3.  LET ME 

Swooning over this track still!


I seriously don’t wanna get over this song!


Fans are crazy over this song and we can’t blame them!

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