Top 3 #DilSeOriginal Musicians Whose Songs You Need To Listen To

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Mirchi Indies’ #DilSeOriginal talent hunt contest was, like, the biggest campaign for original music. Radio Mirchi’s independent music channel, Mirchi Indies, called all independent artists to send in their original songs. The winners were featured on radio, social media and YouTube on June 21–World Music Day.

The winners of the #DilSeOriginal contest were the band Xubaan, singer-songwriter Arjan Singh and the rap duo CT-4 Hunnid and Nansik Bhai! Xubaan’s song Khoye Khoye, Arjan Singh’s Bachpan and CT 4 Hunnid+Nansik Bhai’s Ek Number. You can listen to all of them on Mirchi Indies’ YouTube channel! We asked them a few questions about their journey:

Ek Number – CT 4 Hunnid+Nansik Bhai

CT 4 Hunnid and Nansik Bhai are rappers from Arunachal Pradesh

CT 4 Hunnid and Nansik Bhai are rappers from Arunachal Pradesh, and friends as well. We spoke to CT 4 Hunnid who exposed his real name: Chello, and spoke about his love for hiphop. Ever since he was in school (he’s 19 years but rather talented), he’s been interested in music and hiphop. Raftaar was a big influence on him, and he insists that he got into the hiphop game long before Gully Boy. Music is important to him because the lyrics in rap speak to him; he believes lyrics should be sharp and meaningful, from the heart. But he’s a natural, insisting that there is no big story behind the making of ‘Ek Number’. He wrote it long ago and him and Nansik Bhai just decided to play with it–‘timepass’ in their words–for Facebook. It’s not their official song, there was no huge decision to make, it was just that: timepass.

Well, if that’s what he calls timepass, I clearly don’t know how to pass my time!

Bachpan – Arjan Singh

Arjan Singh is an architect-turned-singer-songwriter from Jaipur

Arjan Singh is an architect-turned musician from Jaipur, Rajashthan. After having practiced for almost 7 years, he decided a year ago that music is what he wants to pursue, professionally. For him, music is all about connecting with people through emotions. For him, true music is all about delving into our deepest emotions and pulling them out through a chord. That’s why Dil Se Original struck him–it’s personal experiences, from the heart, that create the best music. It stands for connecting with our emotions. His song, Bachpan, came straight from the heart. Everybody wants to return to their childhood, where freedom was at its peak. That’s the essence of the song: reminiscing the small memories and enjoying that nostalgia for a simpler time. Check out his album, Musafir!

I guess it’s a good thing that there are the talented few who take the big risks. It only means better music for us!

Khoye Khoye – Xubaan

Xubaan is a 4-member indie band from Bhopal: Sharad, Shantanu, Jugal, Vivek. We spoke to the four of them.

Xubaan is a 4-member band from Bhopal, consisting of Jugal, Shantanu, Vivek and Sharad. Jugal began flirting with guitar in college and made his hobby a serious profession after he joined the KM Music Conservatory in Chennai. Shantanu is the drummer; a civil engineer-turned musician because his “heart is stronger that [his] brain”. Sharad is a rhythm guitarist who also composes quite a few songs for Xubaan. Vivek said the aim of Xubaan, as a band, is that their music reaches people, that their sound is heard by all.

Their song, Khoye Khoye, has a cool fusion feel to it. The reason is that when Shantanu was at the rhythm guitar but his mind was thinking about dholak patterns. While trying to replicate the dholak on the acoustic guitar, he came up with a folksy pattern. He showed it to the others, and the rest was history. Grateful to showcase Khoye Khoye to a large audience, they insist that Dil Se Original is the best platform right now, especially since indie artists cannot even perform live, currently.

Well, thanks to them we are introduced to fresh music, reminding us that there are still those who make original songs instead of remixing everything old!

There you have it. A mix-genre independent band, a rapper duo, and an architect-turned independent singer: these are the talented bunch that blew us away with their #DilSeOriginal gaane on World Music Day. Follow them on Instagram, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, everything. Because, as they said, it’s time we give indie artists all our support. Especially indie artists who create music straight from the heart! You can discover many more, great indie artists like them on Mirchi Indies web radio, platform for the coolest independent artists in India.

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