These 6 K-Pop-Bollywood Mash Ups Will Be the Best Things You’ve Seen All Year

Okay so the K-Pop wave hit India a few years ago and has swept the country away. K-Pop, or Korean Pop, is pop music from South Korea. Popular K-Pop bands like BTS, EXO, Blackpink, Girls’ Generation (to name a few) have achieved worldwide fame. Their music is edgy and different; a refreshingly new sound as compared to the overdose of American pop music we’ve experienced. Needless to say, their fanbase in India is huge.

But their awesome music aside; what we really want to talk about is the incredible K-Pop-Bollywood mashups that have been going viral for months now. This trend of mashing a popular song with an iconic Bollywood one has hilarious results, with K-Pop stars’s choreography matching perfectly with our filmy gaane.

For example,

Dus Bahaane meets BTS!

Our fave song Hookah Bar + BTS

BlackPink looks fab dancing to Pardesiya

What’s better than BTS dancing to RD Burman?

Who needs Karisma and SRK when you have BTS dancing to Le Gayi?

Of course, the best one ever is BTS dancing to Chunari Chunari

Mashups are probably the best thing ever. Who doesn’t love it when the one song perfectly matches with a group of people dancing to a totally different song? The on-point choreography just shows us how similar our music is and how we are all united, across countries and borders, by our shared taste in music and dance.

At the end of the day, who doesn’t love to let loose? And who doesn’t love K-Pop?!

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