Reduce, Ruin, Remix

You think you can just slow down the intro, add a couple of lines of rap, alter the background beats, infuse your own techno music, overlap iconic singing with autotune, and ‘recreate’ one of our favourite songs?

Well, you can’t.

Look, we’ve been patient with all the remixes. It made sense when they remixed songs from the 70s, like Yeh Mera Dil. And we tolerated it when they remixed even more recent numbers from the ‘90s. But when they began remixing songs that millennials grew up to, that we STILL sing and dance to, that’s where we draw the line. It isn’t okay that the music of our childhood—the music that gave us a childhood—is being exploited like this. 

It’s definitely not okay that Dus Bahane is exploited like this. 

I’m all for techno, dance numbers, but the original song ALREADY HAD ALL OF THAT! It was contemporary, club music, it had the techno beats, it had the cool voice in the beginning and the catchy chorus, and it had Shaan (ah, beautiful Shaan) lend his vocals. Vishal-Shekhar gave us an immortal song, relevant lyrics, and even a choreographed move to dance with. So why, in the name of God, did they have to ‘recreate’ it for Baaghi 3?

Some recreation, that too. They’ve stripped down the beginning, heightened the bass and prolonged the chorus’s beatdrop. The female vocalist, Tulsi Kumar, had an extra verse that wasn’t in the original, and they cut the song in half for obvious reasons. Obviously, they didn’t know what else to do with it; all the ‘cool’ additions were done within two minutes. So, in two minutes and eighteen seconds, they reduced and ruined one of the coolest songs of our generation.

And we are not happy about it. 

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