Indie music artists that deserve a permanent spot on your playlist

For the longest time, music in India meant Bollywood! We grew up listening to all genres and styles of mainstream music, but very little or no attention was paid to independent music in India. However, times have changed! The indie music scene in our country has witnessed crazy growth, giving these artists the love and attention, they’ve always deserved!  

I mean, we do love us some Arijit Singh and Sunidhi Chauhan every now and then, but you and I can both agree that- 

INDIE MUSIC >>>>>>>>>> 

So if good music is your thing, here’s a list of some of the most loved indie artists and bands in India that you just can’t be oblivious to in 2021!   

1. The Local Train

The Local Train has grown to become one of the most popular indie rock bands in India today! This Delhi-based band with their soulful music and the perfect blend of empathetic Hindi & Urdu lyrics, continues to win millions of hearts. Their massive viewership on YouTube and listenership on music streaming platforms is proof!

Song Recommendations: Choo Lu, Aaftaab

2. Taba Chake

Taba Chake is a singer, songwriter and performer whose music is said to be inspired by tribal folklore, birds, and the nature of Arunachal Pradesh, his home town. He writes songs in Hindi, English, and his tribal dialect Nyishi which are all equally serene. His unique vocals never fail to make you feel at peace.

Song Recommendations: Shaayad, My Other Side

3.  When Chai Met Toast

When Chai Met Toast is a pop-folk band based in Kerala that defines “feel-good music”. WCMT’s very interesting name is not the only thing that brings a smile to your face, its music too, is all about spreading smiles and bringing joy to its listeners.

Song Recommendations: Beautiful World, Kahaani

4. Anuv Jain

An indie-pop artist from Ludhiana- Anuv Jain with his emotionally relatable songs, is undoubtedly one of the fastest rising independent artists in India. His first song Baarishein which released in the year 2018, has made a permanent spot in almost everyone’s playlists today.

Song Recommendations: Riha, Mishri

5. Parvaaz

Formed in the year 2010, Parvaaz is a four-membered rock band that has always produced music that is unique. Their songs are written in Hindi, Urdu, and Kashmiri which only get better with every listen.

Song Recommendations: Roz Roz, Beparwah

6. Osho Jain

Osho Jain is a singer, songwriter, performer, and composer whose soothing music transfers you to a peaceful world. The artist claims to express his vulnerability through music, which his songs do complete justice to.

Song Recommendations: Tu Aisa Kaisa Hai, Kya Pata

7. Parekh and Singh

Nischay Parekh and Jivraj Singh is a dream pop duo from Kolkata, that only does a great job at producing music but also gives us the most visually aesthetic music videos to vibe to. If you are someone who enjoys watching music videos as you jam to your favourite songs, this is the duo for you!

Song Recommendations: Ghost, I Love You Doll

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