Bollywood Stars Turn Singers Amidst Lockdown

Lockdown has predictably shown us the cracks in our systems: the poor are struggling and dying just trying to get home, but thank God for the rich who have the time to learn new instruments and delve deeply into self-care. And Bollywood has all its stars turning into super singers. Well, with the help of autotune, of course. Thank God for autotune!

Anyway, it’s no big secret that we love our Bollywood stars in India, and we love to watch them do different, new things to entertain us. And it is true that their songs have great influence on all of us, helping us carry on life under lockdown, however difficult it may be.

Here are some of the latest lockdown tracks dropped by our favourite Bollywood stars:

Pyaar Karona – Salman Khan | Sajid Wajid | Aditya Dev

Witty pun.

In this ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL music video, an emotional Salman Khan pleads–nay, sings–to us that we need to join forces of love and compassion, and come out together untied and stronger on the other end. Beautiful. Very wise. We’re so happy Salman Bhai is expanding his musical career, even with Tere Bina. Never heard that one before, right? Also, at 2:27 Bhai starts rapping and it’s…amazing. Watch it.
(Also, thank God for autotune)

Thahar Ja – Ajay Devgn | Mehul Vyas, Kriti Killedar, Anil Verma | Ajay Devgn FFilms

Maybe it’s the huge expanse of his forest-sized garden, or the fact that he outsourced the singing to Mehul Vyas, but Ajay Devgn’s song Thahar Ja was actually pleasant to listen to. The video is a gentle calm-down, reminding us that the ratrace we were a part was ruining us, that we need to stop a little and rethink our ways.

Hum Haar Nahi Maanenge Official Song – A.R. Rahman | Prasoon Joshi | HDFC Bank | Other Artists

Obviously AR Rahman would release a powerful ballad, with lyrics by Prasoon Joshi, about how we will never give up hope, how we will fight this fight together, how we’re not alone because we have each other. Except, this song is super-cringey in its attempt to replicate, like, every national anthem ever. And OF COURSE it’s sponsored by HDFC Bank. I mean, their name is literally plastered everywhere on the song. Beautiful.

Muskurayega India – An initiative by Jjust Music and Cape of Good Films

In this super-cringey, super embarrassing music video, you’ll see all your favourite Bollywood stars doing the SRK hands-out pose in their lavish skyscraper houses and fancy balconies, lipsyncing the lyrics to ‘Muskurayega India’, with casual interspersed pictures of people in poverty. Why? Because Bollywood 🙂 ! Because it’s a little too narcissistic to have Bollywood singers expressing ecstasy and RADIATING POSITIVITY when so many people are struggling, right? Obvious solution: show pix of farmers and street dwellers, earn people’s pity, and keep making money 😉

I have no words. Give Bollywood a pandemic, and they’ll sing about staying positive (in their million-dollar lavish homes). Here’s their formula:
Social cause + private recording studio = money/fame for Bollywood stars!
Let’s just say, thank God for autotune.

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