8 Indie Musicians & Songs Featured in our Favourite Web Series

While the world around us is crumbling in 2020, it’s good to focus on how far we’ve come. We haven’t just been plummeting to our death; there’s also been a lot of positive growth and development as creative beings who are invested in making art, peace, and love. 2020 marks the time when independent artists and musicians have been officiated into the norm, when their music and writing has subverted the mainstream and won the masses’ hearts. We, as an audience, no longer want melodramatic TV and typical, predictable filmy gaane. We want to watch the truth, the grittiness of everyday life, which is why OTT platforms are currently bursting with ‘real’ content. Web series are unapologetically honest, besides giving opportunities and platforms to talented newcomers. Similarly, with them come a string of talented musicians who haven’t been heard before; musicians who are discovered through YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and the multiplicty of music festivals and concerts that are fantastic places to engage with all sorts of sounds.

Mirchi Indies has always given a platform to independent musicians as well, by featuring them on their online radio station on Gaana. Here are some of our favourite Indian independent musicians’s songs that have left their mark on OTT web series:

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Hukus Bukus by Abha Hanjura, The Family Man

Amazon Prime Video’s The Family Man has featured some really cool music to go with the vibe of the show, that’s both familial and thrilling. One of our faves is Hukus Bukus, a Kashmiri folk song, rendered by Abha Hanjura.

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Firefly by When Chai Met Toast, Vir Das: For India

When Chai Met Toast is one of India’s top indie bands as of now, and Firefly is super chill and great to sing along to. It went perfectly with Vir Das’s comedy special. Listen here!

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Kaam 25 by Divine, Sacred Games

Our favourite Bombay-based rapper, Divine, hit the mark with Kaam 25. The song is catchy AF, and its lyrics are savage and poetic at the same time. Kaam 25 is a great workout song, highly recommended for all.

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Yaari Teri Yaari by Darshan Raval, 4 More Shots

Yaari Teri Yaari is sweet and fun at the same time. The music is perfect for when you’re chilling with friends, on a roadtrip, or just thinking about the good ol’ days. Thanks, Darshan for this awesome number!

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Ishq ka Haafiz by Nilotpal Bora, TVF Tripling

TVF has always given newcomers with talent a fantastic platform, and Nilotpal Bora is one of them. The Assamese musician’s song, Ishq ka Haafiz, became an overnight hit after it was featured on Tripling. We love it too!

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The Relevant Sound by Vaibhav Bundhoo, TVF Pitchers

I know, I know, yet another TVF artist, but they’re really good, dude. In fact, Vaibhav Bundhoo is so skilled, and has attracted such a wide audience, that Udit Narayan got his attention and went on to sing his songs. Now that’s called a musical genius.

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Toofan Main by Prabh Deep and Sez on the Beat, Paatal Lok

Absolutely thrilling and heart-racing, Toofan Main is a masterpiece by Prabh Deep and Sez on the Beat. It captures the dark, gritty web series perfectly, all the while spitting truth bombs through witty lyrics. The music is on point, and makes the whole show stand out.

8 / 8

Laakhon Mein Ek by Mohan Kannan, Laakhon Mein Ek

Although Mohan Kannan is a big name, what with once being a member of Agnee, he is still an incredible independent artist. This is visible through his wide genre of work, made for film, tv and audio alone, too. He sings for Laakhon Mein Ek, and it’s a beautiful song for a lovely show.

Independent artists no longer need to struggle to survive or be heard, especially since Mirchi Indies has started a ripple effect by making them heard on radio. They are listened to more and more now, and are valued more by the OTT industry. As audiences have grown and demand quality content, content creators are providing them with top-notch entertainment and music. Like these fantastic musicians. We can’t wait to add more to the list.

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