5 Selena Gomez Songs That Got WAY Too Real Way Too Fast

Today is Selena Gomez’s birthday! She is an inspiration to young girls everywhere and her music evokes a spectrum of emotions in us. Her songs make us cry, help us heal, make us laugh and sometimes even question her sanity. But we love them none the less. They are perfect for when one is feeling low, overwhelmed and heartbroken.

Here are 5 Selena Gomez songs that helped us mend our broken hearts and we related to on extremely deep levels-

1. Lose you to love me

The stark realness of this song is too much to bear. Some say it was directed towards a certain ex-boyfriend of hers. Lose You To Love Me is empowering, powerful and makes you feel stronger.

2. back to you

This hit from 13 Reasons Why is all about loving someone despite all their flaws, all their drama and even all the hurt they cause you. It’s a painful reality, but it is a reality none the less. The song is strangely upbeat for such a serious topic, but it sounds amazing and we love it!

3. kill em with kindness

Kill Em With Kindness is empowering, inspirational and fits perfectly in today’s culture of trolling. It’s relevant now more than ever with the ‘cancelling culture’ and online harassment that is taking over social media. It’s a beautifully written song and will help you through your tough times.

4. good for you

Good For You isn’t a heartbreak song, but an extremely relatable one. At some point we’ve all wanted to show off our relationship and ourselves to our partners (don’t even deny it). It’s weird just HOW relatable this song is.

5. the heart wants what it wants

The Heart Wants What It Wants will make you face a painful realization, break your heart and strangely mend it too. It’s an absolutely beautiful song that will move you to tears. Warning: Not recommended if you’re in a dark place.

Selena Gomez’s songs are an extension of her own self, and maybe that is why they are so good. They touch you on deep levels, which is why we are so drawn to them. Happy Birthday Selena, we wish you keep making us melt with your music.

Which Selena Gomez song is your favourite? Let us know!

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