5 Indian indie artists to keep an eye out for | RJ Sheeba Recommends

RJ Sheeba is a walking-talking indie encyclopedia. Currently a jock at Mirchi Indies, the first ever web radio station dedicated solely to independent music, she knows the indie scene like the back of her hand: the biggest names, upcoming artists, and just about every song for every mood. You probably know her from her vlog, in which she gives us her song picks of the day, stories behind particular indie hits, and also interviews musicians from all over the country.

Anyway, RJ Sheeba has given us an exclusive list of Indian indie artists that we should be excited about. These are talented young artists on the rise, musicians who have contributed creatively to the music scene in India, with fresh, original hits.


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“Hoirong might not be a very popular band, but their recent album is the best Indian release I’ve heard this year” – RJ Sheeba

Damn. Best Indian release. The album, by the way, is Hope & Light. I’m def going to check them out on Spotify now!

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Taba Chake

“Taba Chake is would essentially be a insane guitarist but his songs are also super refreshing. He sings in English, Hindi, and Nyishi” – RJ Sheeba

Refreshing is an accurate description. Taba Chake’s music is inspired by the sounds of nature, and is an absolute treat to listen to. Follow him on Spotify now!

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Abhilasha Sinha

“There’s no doubt that Abhilasha sinha is a very skilled vocalist, but it’s her fantastic melodies that carry you along” – RJ Sheeba


Check out Abhilasha’s soothing voice and gorgeous melodies on Spotify!

4 / 5


“Komorebi is more of an electronic artist, but her music is really captivating. Definitely one to look out for” – RJ Sheeba

Who doesn’t love captivating electronic music? Listen to Komorebi on Spotify now!

5 / 5

Tejas Menon

“Tejas Menon is a hit maker. Every song of his is captivating and wonderful” – RJ Sheeba

Having listened to Tejas after Sheeba recommended him, I can definitely agree that his music is captivating and wonderful. If that’s convinced you, listen to his music on Spotify now.

So, these are the artists that RJ Sheeba recommends we keep an eye out for, because she is convinced that they will make it BIG. And why not? Their music is so unique and honest and gorgeous.

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