We’re Back With The 10 Funniest Reactions to PM Modiji’s Latest Speech

Today the Prime Minister of India, a nation of 1.3 billion people, appeared on all our TV screens to talk to all of us. His speech, which was a little more than an hour ago was, well, confusing? Predictable? Inevitable? We don’t have the right words yet, because we’re still not sure about what information we received. But what we have received since then are some amazing reactions.

Some of them are:

10 / 10

We’re pretty sure the speech writer is all of our parents combined

9 / 10

Since there was not much content, we were fascinated with PM’s #beardgoals

8 / 10

But a lot of other ‘memers’ were left disappointed after the speech

7 / 10

I guess this dialogue can be used for any kind of meme, really

6 / 10

Wham, bam, thank you ma’am

5 / 10

PM of India = Every Desi Parent, Ever

4 / 10

And all the middle-class folks felt FOMO today

3 / 10

To be fair, there are still way too many people roaming around without masks

2 / 10

Again, memers are left high and dry after today’s speech

1 / 10

Finally, we have the best reaction which perfectly sums up the key takeaways from today’s speech

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