6 Recent Viral Indian Ads That Changed Advertising

It’s not just films and TV shows that are getting creative, but advertisements too! Gone are the days of simple slogans and pure celebrities endorsements, advertisers now have to scratch their heads really hard and try to capture our attention in this content-heavy world. And sometimes, well, sometimes, they hit the spot! 

1. Bhima Jewellers took this amazing step showing a transwoman and her journey of transition with the support of her parents. 

2.  This Vimal Ad with Ajay Devgn and SRK made us wonder if 2021 existed to torment us.

3.   IPL 2021 marketing was on point….with M. S. Dhoni in an unbelievable avatar.  

4. The CRED ad with Rahul Dravid as Indiranagar ka Gunda.

5. Magicpin’s answer and a dig at CRED’s ad. 

6. Tanishq’s ad where a Muslim family was shown celebrating the baby shower for their Hindu daughter-in-law.  

The advertisement, sadly, received a negative reaction and had to be taken down. 

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