Top 10 Funniest Nazma Aapi Thoughts on Life Under Lockdown

Thank God for Nazma Aapi. In these trying times, we all are so glad to have our favourite comedienne giving us her take on the terrible, terrible situation the world is currently in. What started off as simple character sketch videos on Instagram has officially become a celebrity by herself. Yes, Nazma Aapi is a celebrity, but Saloni Gaur–the woman who portrays her–is officially one. There’s nobody she cannot impersonate, I’m pretty sure of that. Be it Kangna Ranaut, Ananya Panday, Sonam Kapoor, Indian mothers-in-law, she does them all with ease.

But our favourite will always be Nazma Aapi. She takes every situation–serious or not, political or not–and gives her own take on them. Which are always hilarious. Here are our favourite thoughts that Nazma Aapi has had under lockdown:

10 / 10

On March 4, when Coronavirus was slowly trickling into India, becoming a reality here:

9 / 10

On March 16, when ‘work from home’ was supposed to be just a short experiment

8 / 10

On March 20, when she asked us to Self-Quaran-Tarantino

7 / 10

On March 26, when everybody was panic-buying groceries

6 / 10

On March 29, when the migrant labour situation was just beginning to worsen

5 / 10

On April 2, when she updated us with the latest lockdown news

4 / 10

On April 3, when the violence against doctors also just begun

3 / 10

On April 14, when Modiji’s speech left us all in confusion…and not for the first time

2 / 10

On May 6, when liquor stores reopened and the number of covid cases spiked up

1 / 10

On May 13, when Modiji once again left us in confusion

Bonus: Nazma Aapi’s take on Coronavirus at Zee News

What we love about her is her ability to take on such difficult, depressing events: the pandemic, communal tensions, political propaganda, and handle them all with class and humour. Saloni Gaur may be only 20, but she has a strong funny bone and more talent than most people on the Internet. And the real world. More props to you, Saloni & Nazma Aapi!

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