The power might be cut in Mumbai, but the power bank of memes will never be depleted

Look, Mumbaikars aren’t used to power cuts. The very idea itself is utterly blasphemous and just plain wrong. But ever since the entire city’s grid was cut off for a couple of hours, we have understood the plight of the rest of the country. It is absolutely not surprising that this had to happen, after so many years, in 2020. The only thing that loads, however slowly, are the amazing memes that Netizens have been creating and sharing. Here are some of the funniest, true-est ones:

WFH people are the only ones chillin’

Meanwhile, the rest of India be like

Especially our UP sisters

And those burbies are so happy

Of course, the first time this happens in years it HAS to be in 2020

But we gotta learn from Baburao shtyle

Power banks UNITE

Uh, everything isn’t because of this shitty year


When SoBo people realise they’re currently just like Suburban people…


Dahisar people be chillin’ like

Even the Delhi/NCR wale be like “ab kiski shehr behetar hai?” (still Bombay)

A friendly reminder:

The latest in south Bombay fashion:

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