The Family Man S2- why we still can’t get over these hilarious memes!

Very much like season 1, The Family Man Season 2 received lots of love from its viewers. The perfect blend of action, thrill, suspense, and humour is what made the show an enormous success. But that’s not it! Manoj Bajpayee, the man himself, along with the rest of The Family Man cast, inspired a flood of memes on the internet and how! Srikant’s expressions, Chellam sir’s advice, and JK’s love for vada pav were totally worth the online attention!  

Let us have a look at some of the funniest memes based on The Family Man Season 2 that went viral over the past two weeks, and are still having us Laugh Out Loud!  

After season 2’s huge success, Manoj Bajpayee recently revealed that they’ll be coming up with season 3 of The Family Man very soon. He also revealed that the next season will be set in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Covid or not, fans are super excited about this new announcement!

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