So PUBG Might Be Banned in India, But These 15 Twitter Reactions Will Make You ROFL

When the news dropped today that, after the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps, around 275 more might be on the radar, the first thing everybody thought of was PUBG. For all you non-gamers like me, PUBG, or Players Unknown Battlegrounds, is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed by a corporation that’s a subsidiary of a South Korean company. Now, whether the game is developed in China or not, whether there are copycat games from China or not is not the internet’s concern. The internet only cares about “wtf will I do with all my time if PUBG is deleted?!”

Well, I wish I had words of comfort. Instead, all I can offer are some really funny memes that Twitterati came up with when this news broke out:

PUBG players have been feeling mixed emotions. Some fear…

While others have forgotten how to feel happiness

This tweet was like an RIP to all those PUBG players…enjoy it while it lasts

Might as well delete that VPN now. It’s as good as pointless.

Parents must be dancing, on top of the world right now!

PUBG players are finally hit with the depressing reality of 2020

The moment they saw #PUBG trending on Twitter…

It’s okay, PUBG players, cry it out.

PUBG players be like “list check kiya kya??”

Because what reason will they have now to live?

Basically, all crying memes work for this trend

But some ballers are chilling (those who never installed PUBG in the first place)

Oh, and parents. They’re balling too, now.

Anyway, even though we’re still unsure whether PUBG is banned or not, whether it is Chinese or not, whether it in any way even affects Indians or not…

…the one thing we do know is that the Indian Government is great at performing empty gestures to appease its people.

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