Renuka Shahane Is A Total Sport Everyone Needs To Be, Here’s Proof!

Renuka Shahane – a household name, literally won hearts with her ever charming smile and her amazing acting skills. Not just an actor, she is a director too. She has proved that she can done every hat with perfection. But guess what, it’s not just her skills that make her special, it’s her sparkling wit too.

She takes things on a lighter note and enjoys life as it comes. In fact, she is amongst the fewer stars who enjoy the memes made on them too! Well, we all know about the Hum Aapke Hai Kaun memes that went viral and became an instant hit!

Guess what, it’s not just the audience, but Renuka herself liked the memes and went ROFL on the same. She even reacted to some of the memes and even shared her personal favorite one.

Well, we must agree that the memes of Hum Aapke Hai Kaun made us all say ” Waah Waah Ram Ji, Memes Kya Banayi Hai” we also agree to the fact that the staircase in the film is one of the biggest villains of Indian cinema since Renuka Shahane trips on it and dies! I call it the biggest plot twist. I mean why not? One moment she was singing “Lo Chali Main” and was in her happiest best and the next moment she is dead!

Though the tragic death in the movie made us all shed a tear, the internet found a way to make it relatable by creating some of the best memes! Renuka Shahane tripping over the staircase became the Internet’s favorite meme material.

So, today on Renuka Shahane’s birthday let us share some of our personal favorite memes. We will also show you how the actress reacted to the same.

Well, Renuka Shahane also reacted to these memes and shared a hearty laugh. She even shared her favorite meme of the lot. Have a look.

In one of the interviews, Renuka Shahane spoke in-depth about shooting the scene. She revealed, “People actually don’t know that the staircase was made of sponge, so I don’t get hurt at all. Sooraj Barjataya is very particular about all this. He wouldn’t let anyone get hurt. In fact, it became tougher for me because I had to act like I am hurt and in pain

Well, isn’t she the cutest?

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