Funniest memes about Anil Kapoor: the man who never ages

The star of Mr.India, the man who never ages, Mr. Anil Kapoor is 64 today. Yep, we cannot believe this either. The man who plays romantic roles as easily as comedy, whose 1 2 ka 4 or Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga are still sung by everyone, is a man in a million. One of the most funniest aspects of his life is his inability to age, and the internet always has fun with it. Here are some of the funniest memes about his age, which are sure to make your day. 

We DEFINITELY did not see this coming. 


Yeah we don’t believe our eyes either.

Munni bhi badi ho gayi, aur ye janab hai ke…

Even Sridevi’s daughter is acting, but Mr. Kapoor has no plans to age.

The truth has been spoken.

Mr. Kapoor ko koi fark nahi padta.

Anil Kapoor to Faceapp: I’m going to ruin this app’s career.

We feel you, Faceapp.

Happy Birthday Anilji, and may you never age!

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