Lockdown Extended in Maharashtra! Here Are 10 Tweets That Sum Up What We’re All Feeling

Well, it’s official. Because of the rampant coronavirus cases in Maharashtra, the local government has imposed strict lockdown and curfew rules in the city until 31 July. One more month of self-quarantining and locking ourselves in at home. Before the verdict could even be out, before the media could even write the news about it, the memes started pouring in. I am not disappointed at all. It seems that the spirit of Maharashtra is strong, once again, and the people are ready to use humour to push through this difficult time together. We picked some of the funniest Tweets from the flood of hilarious ones online, such as:

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This one user understood all us introverts who are jumping on the inside:

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And another month’s lockdown, and another one, and another one and —

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Single folks, you and I won’t get this emotion but my heart goes out to all the shaadi planners and young couples

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Young Ganesh Gaitonde knew this was coming. He just knew it

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But we know that there still are going to be those same people roaming around the streets without masks, just like during Lockdown 1

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Again, all us introverts are happy enjoying Saturday nights in our own bedrooms, clubbing to our earphones’ music

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Yet, life seems unfair. Although we understand that cases are on the rise and lockdown is necessary, life just seems unfair

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All us Maharashtra folks know what everybody’s thinking 🙂

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But the other part of our minds are like chill kar bro, this is life now

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However, this one user has captured the entire truth of Lockdown number Infinity. A picture really does say a thousand words

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