LIQUOR SHOPS OPEN! Here are the best Tweets from today

Listen, it’s not been easy to deal with this crazy pandemic that’s killing more and more people on a daily basis. It’s depressing, and the desolate streets make us feel even lonelier. If we just had a bottle of old monk to cry with, things will be lighter, and life wouldn’t seem so bad. So when the central government reopened some liquor stores across the country, we all were super thrilled. Not only have we gotten an influx of alcohol, we’ve been blessed with an influx of memes that are HILARIOUS. Here are some great ones:

This Gal is Funny AND Political

The economy is depressing, but the memes are killer

Green Zones are the new elite

Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

*AAA* Bollywood K3G music plays in the background

Hey Prabhu is Correct, Indeed

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