Do Not Do These 5 Dumb Things During Cyclone Nisarga

Cyclone Nisarga is predicted to hit us today afternoon. The municipality has constantly been reminding us about staying safe and the measures we should take. Switching off electronics, keeping windows and doors shut, keeping valuables in waterproof containers and much more (the post is linked at the bottom).

But, they forgot to tell you about 5 things which you should most certainly NOT do during Cyclone Nisarga-

1. Do not go out to make a tik tok

Making that one Tiktok during Cyclone Nisarga will NOT make you cool or popular. It will not make you the next big influencer. It’ll probably just ruin your phone, give you a disease and maybe even kill you. Please don’t go out on your building terrace, compound, street to do the ‘Swag Step Challenge’ or dance to ‘Savage’. Don’t go outside. We don’t need more natural disasters out there.

2. Don’t spread fake news

Don’t spread fake and baseless news on Cyclone Nisarga! Don’t like it to our collective past sins, don’t call it the wrath of God, don’t blame it on China and/or Pakistan, don’t claim drinking haldi pani will send it away and don’t label it as a side effect of Covid-19. Just don’t do it.

3. Don’t bombard people with an update every 5 minute

Don’t send Cyclone updates every 5 minutes! We all love seeking attention on Whatsapp, but sending videos and picture updates of the Cyclone Nisarga in your area should be limited to once an hour or so. Don’t broadcast a video update every time a leaf flies in front of you.

4. don’t start spreading end of the world messages

While Cyclone Nisarga is extremely serious, it is not going to be like that storm you saw in the movie 2012. It will not end life as we know it. Panicking and spreading ‘End of the World’ memes and messages is not only bad for other’s, but also for you and your mental health! While we have had the worst 6 months ever, there is still half the year left. Maybe 2020 will salvage itself, who knows? Stay away from your doomsday thoughts, and do not spread them

5. don’t annoy the people you live with

Whether it’s your friends or family, don’t get into it with them today. During Cyclone Nisarga you will have to be cooped up with them for 6 hours (or more). If there’s lightening, watching TV won’t be an option. Nor will charging your phone and laptop. You will only have their human company to help pass your time. So don’t annoy them, don’t get on their nerves, don’t fight if they get on yours and just be calm.

Cyclone Nisarga is not a joke and should not be underestimated! Please stay home and stay safe. Help stray animals if you can, they shouldn’t be left alone during this storm.

And remember, just like Rakhi Sawant’s sanity, this too shall pass.

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