6 real reasons why 2020 wasn’t as bad as everyone thinks

Yeah, yeah, 2020 sucks and we can’t wait for 2021. Remember how we said the same thing about 2019? Damn, that year was a shitshow.

But I’m not going to go down that same old rabbit hole. Instead, I’m going to tell you the reasons why this year wasn’t as bad as everyone thinks.

1. Work From Home really meant Sleep From Home

Zoom meetings, video off all the way.

2. Everyyyybodyyyy was suddenly okay with long distance

Because at the end of the tunnel, there is still a chance to get some.

3. Rasode mein kaun tha?

I think everyone can agree that Yashraj Mukhate’s hit take of this Indian soap revolutionised parodies. And made us all laugh for a good one month.

4. Suddenly, everybody became a masterchef

Were we born talented or did we pick up some skills over the years?

5. More family time 🙂 

And everyone came out alive.

6. Finally, our Prime Minister gave us so many inspiring…meme templates


‘Real Reasons Why’ is a series of articles that reveal the actual, underlying reasons why our favourite movies, TV shows, songs, actions and personalities are really our favourite. It is the ultimate, truthful throwback to some of our beloved memories. Keep a look-out every Thursday for more!

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