5 Tips to Help Cure Covid-19 That No One Tells You About

Radio Mirchi’s RJ Jimmy tested Covid-19 positive a few weeks ago. Thankfully he is cured and back home, safe and with his family. He followed some tips during his isolation that greatly aided in his recovery. These aren’t medicine based, but rather mindset dependent. But they are equally important and rather powerful when it comes to curing yourself.

Here are 5 things that helped Jimmy beat Covid-19-

1. Smile More

The importance of grinning from cheek to cheek cannot be stressed enough. Your brain releases feel-good neurotransmitters, including dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin, when a smile flashes across your face. These brain chemicals aid in calming your nervous system by lowering heart rate and blood pressure, which can aid your immune system aka the only known cure for Covid-19!

2. Get married to Food

Like every married soul, your day should revolve around your significant other, in this case, food. During isolation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea/coffee and snacks are served at fixed times. Make those your daily time markers, it helps to split your day into segments. Once your segments are ready, you can focus on what do in them! Sing, sleep, write, read, or even just day dream! And looking forward to your next meal actually makes time fly, which in isolation is a gift. And when you do eat, give the food your undivided attention. Eat slowly, chew more and savour it. It’ll actually help your system absorb the nutrients in it much better, which will help you get cured.

3. Live and Think in the NOW

There is no point thinking of how long its going to take, or what will happen in the future. That just leads to unnecessary stress and worry. Live and think in the present. Take one day at a time, and focus only that one day. Protocol for testing, isolation and discharge are changing regularly, so focusing on the present is really the best thing to do.

4. Do the Lung-i Dance

Look, the virus has gotten into your system. Your system is strong and doesn’t allow the virus to do too much damage. Now the virus is bored and wants to leave but it doesn’t know the way out. So you have to show it the ‘exit sign’ with the lung-i dance aka deep breathing exercises for the lungs. We have many yogic practices that teach us multiple deep breathing techniques. These are great for the lungs., plus they also build immunity.

I did deep breathing twice a day for about 10 minutes each – Kapalbhati, Bhastrika and Pranayama.

5. Have a One-Track Mind

Give your full attention to whatever you’re doing, be it reading, writing or even binge-watching. Focus on just one thing at a time, don’t try to multi-task. Also focus completely on getting better, this means avoid anything that stresses you out, most importantly the news. They tend to hype up the negative side of Covid-19. So ignore it! Have a one track mind and it’ll be sufficient.

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#Repost @thebeingyou • • • • • • You never know when life will throw a googly at you! I, RJ Jimmy, the breakfast RJ at 95FM Radio Mirchi, am a testimony to this fact. I went from giving live updates on COVID 19 and to landing up as one such case myself. And here’s how it all happened. My mother had mild fever on 23rd March. The doctor prescribed some medicines, yet the fever went up and down for the next 4 days. On 27th March morning she woke up fine, but soon felt breathless with the fever shooting up to 100 degrees. We quickly took her to Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases for her tests, post which she was shifted to a private hospital. She was taken into the ICU and put on ventilator and her treatment begun immediately since her x-ray showed lung infection. On March 29th, her test results came back positive for COVID 19. On April 1st, my family and I were taken for the swab test. On April 3rd, we got our results; my family tested negative and I tested positive. I was shifted to the COVID ward at the Victoria Hospital while my family was moved to hotel quarantine. Life in the COVID ward is simple. There are 12 of us in the ward, food is served thrice and snacks twice a day with lots of drinking water given. Initially, I did some work but it left me exhausted and feverish as did watching movies. So I rest as much as I can. I also speak to my wife and daughter, read and do yoga to keep my lungs happy and drive the virus out! Meanwhile, the doctors have been giving me constant updates on my mother’s condition. Amidst all this, I have seen how patiently health care workers handle all of us, solving all our queries and problems. My heart especially goes out to the cleaning staff who are at high risk because they pick up all the trash we throw, mop and clean toilets all without any inhibitions. I can’t wait for this to get over and be with my family. My mom would take some time to heal but I am sure she would be back soon too! Oh! I can’t wait to get home, take a hot water bath and dive into a plate of piping hot mutton Biryani. And of course get my dog back who is currently chilling in a boarding home! Jimmy Xavier #mirchijimmy #rjwiththeblueglasses

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The only ‘cure’ for Covid-19 till date is your own immune system. Staying optimistic, positive, happy and cheerful does in fact make your immunity stronger. Being stressed and constantly worried will release hormones that weaken your immunity, allowing Covid-19 to take the toll for the worse.

Jimmy followed the above tips, and it really did aid his treatment. He is now back home and healthier than ever!

So remember, if you are infected with Covid-19, follow these tips and stay optimistic! Also be grateful that we have such excellent medical professionals who are giving you the best possible care and love.

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