5 reasons why Pretentious Movie Reviews should make a comeback

The year is 2013. You’re still reeling from Miley Cyrus’s new look and rewatching Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Oh, and you spend sleepovers with friends laughing your heads off to Kanan and Biswa’s Pretentious Movie Reviews.

Those were the days, na? They started with reviewing Gunda, and then the world changed. Here are 5 reasons why we wish they’d come back:

1. There are just so many awful movies

Okay, the duo didn’t only review awful movies, just ones that deserve mocking. And let’s face it, 70% of movies that come from Indian cinema is pretty mock-worthy. All these movies need to be taken to court — or to Pretentious Court — and get the sass they rightly deserve.

2. Because of the classy way they pointed out misogyny

“Jahaan humari ghar ki betiyan apne haathon se khaana khilaye,” “Humaari desh ki ladkiyan”, Raj’s creepy flirting tactics…all of these sexist scenes in iconic Bollywood movies were the actual norm back in the day. Biswa and Kanan were always classy AF and the subtle humour only made us realise how fucked up our childhood was.

3. They can choose from any of the 2020 movies too…

Laxmii Akshay Kumar

Sadak 2, Laxmii Bomb, Love Aaj Kal, Street Dancer…so many horrendous movies released this year that Kanan and Biswa don’t even have to go searching in Bollywood’s 80s library. 2020 has a full stock.

4. Because we miss their humour

Kanan’s sarcastic quips, Biswa’s scientific logical humour, their hilarious improv scenes (remember when Kanan was Simran and Biswa was Raj)…Kanan and Biswa’s humour is nothing short of a class act. We miss them and their “pretentious” movie reviews.

5. This Prem Aggan review. That’s it, that’s the only reason.

Do you also wish Biswa and Kanan made a comeback? Tell us why in the comments below!

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