420 Blaze It… at home, with earphones

One of the worst things to come out of COVID-19 is the fact that it ruined the once-in-a-century day of April 20th, 2020 aka 4/20/20. Now we know most of you would have lied about going ‘for a movie’ or ‘going to work’, only to meet at a friends house and blaze the day away. But due to the lockdown that isn’t happening. 

Here are 10 R&B songs to mentally help you get high (it’s really the best we can do)

1. Highest in the room- Travis Scott

Words cannot describe how brilliant this song is when it comes to setting the mood for certain 4/20 activities. It’s trippy as hell and will definitely uplift you.

2. Phoenix- A$AP Rocky

This is an extremely underrated song by A$AP Rocky and reading the lyrics alone can mess with your brain. This concoction of deep echoes and electronic notes is sure to set the mood for you

3. Same Ol’ mistakes- Rihanna

Whether its Fenty Beauty or 420 Beauty, Rihanna has us covered. This reggae-R&B track is psychedelic to another level. Dim your lights, spark a candle and you’re good to go

4. Pretty Little Fears- 6lack ft. j. cole

This may seem like an unusual choice but trust us. The experimental beats and J. Cole’s husky bridge make the perfect mix to celebrate 4/20.

5. Gin & Juice- Snoop dogg

Not having a snoop dogg song on this list would be a grave injustice. Gin & Juice is nearly 25 years old and an O.G Snoop Dogg hit. It’s laid back, catchy, reggae and like a real Gin and Tonic, it goes down smooth.

6. SO high- wiz khalifa ft. ghost loft

All Millenials have jammed to this song in their teenage years without knowing what it stood for. This throwback track is literally telling you to “take a toke and hold it till you choke”, need we say more? It’s perfect for 4/20

7. Selah- Kanye west

This kaleidoscopic number from Ye’s ‘Jesus is King’ hits just right. The choir reverberations, the lone drum beats and Kanye’s euphoric lyrics make the perfect concoctions to get you there

8. Marvin’s room- drake

This is one of Drake’s soft mellow songs that take your emotions for a ride. His sweet-sounding, silvery voice will instantly calm you down.

9. all for us- labrinth & zendaya

Just like ‘Euphoria’, this song is eerie, ghostly but powerful. It is hallucinatory and will get you in just the right mood.

10. Play This On A Mountain At Sunset- jaden smith

Jaden Smith hit gold with this song. It’s soft, trippy and will make you feel like you are transcending through time. It’s perfect for your 4/20 playlist

Bonus Song- Babaji Ki Booty from Go Goa Gone

Our list of songs for 4/20 would be incomplete without this masterpiece. This song will transport you from your room to an idle spot in Manali under the stars somewhere in the hills, we can guarantee that (just look at the thumbnail itself…)

Being quarantined on 4/20/20 due to COVID-19 blows, but we hope these songs could lessen your pain. If we missed a song out, let us know! Hit us up on contactus@mirchiplay.com

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