14 Times the Mumbai Police Was Real Savage on Social Media

Mumbai Police’s Twitter and Instagram accounts are on FIRE when it comes to being sassy, sarcastic, savage and also extremely resourceful. They deploy the best memes, the best burns and the absolute best comebacks. (They actually make you want to adhere to the rules)

PS- Note their puntastic hashtags

To celebrate them, both offline and online, here are 14 times the Mumbai Police was a total boss on social media:

1. No Time to Dhoom

2. how mango-ficent

3. The sequel to URI we didn’t know we needed

4. Aye caramba!

5. The Covid Knight Rises?


7. Ludo (mask)King

8. They used a Beatles reference! We have nothing but ultimate respect.

9. This line makes more sense than the original one…

10. If the upside down has the Mumbai Police, we’re not worried

11. This one is the real winner

12. @ all the aunties and uncles who go for daily walks!

13. The trolling stones

14. great tweets are not born great, they grow great

Bonus- The ultimate burn

Super Bonus- it would be a crime to not include this

The Maharashtra police is not only adept at keeping our city safe, but also at moment marketing. They have absolutely NAILED it with their social media presence.

We’re forever grateful for their service and their memes.

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