10 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Life Under Lockdown in India

We’re in lockdown 4.0, or is it 50? I stopped counting a few years ago. While it’s endearing how doctors and healthcare professionals, municipalities and their workers, are toiling day and night, it’s depressing to read the statistics everyday. The only thing that keeps us going is humour. Because it’s important to laugh, even when the world around us is burning. I don’t know if it’s the best medicine, and I’m pretty sure it can’t cure this mutated, deadly virus. But it can make you feel a little better, if even for a few minutes.

So, here are some really funny tweets that will guarantee to make you LOL:

10 / 10

When how much your family really loves you comes out during lockdown:

9 / 10

When you keep getting WhatsApp forwards about how the Indian summer can kill coronavirus:

8 / 10

When you realise all those hippies were right; that time and space really are social constructs:

7 / 10

When you take Modi’s call to be ‘atmanirbhar’ Bharatiya very seriously:

6 / 10

When you’re stuck in quarantine in Bombay’s matchbox homes:

5 / 10

When you had oh-so-many plans for the year… 🙁

4 / 10

When you read about the daily deaths of migrant workers in the news:

3 / 10

When everybody’s applauding Sonu Sood, everybody but one…

2 / 10

When you’re craving that one sutta:

1 / 10

And finally, when life under lockdown can be summed up by just 4 Amitabh Bachchan characters:

It’s been 2 months of lockdown so far, and it’s probably not going to get better for a while now. The best thing we can do is stay home as much as possible, and be less of a hassle for medical professionals. While you’re home, laugh a little. It helps. 🙂

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