If You Have Done Any Of These 10 Things, You Deserve An Award!

2020 has been a roller-coaster… with barely any ups and very worrisome downs. A big down (apart from the great Covid-19) has been quarantine and the social isolation it brings with it. Most of us are working, cooking, exercising, sleeping, eating and living within the same 4 walls and more often than not, in the same clothes. We’ve been doing this for over four months now, and our previous social life seems like a distant dream.

However, sometimes we shock ourselves by doing something that defies the very foundation of being quarantined, and those things deserve recognition.

Here are 10 things that deserve an award in 2020:

1. wearing jeans

If you have worn jeans, zipped them up AND buttoned them, you are a God among men. It is the era of loose pajamas and wearing the same 3 stained oversized t-shirts, and jeans have been sidelined. So if, for whatever reason, you have managed to wear a pair of jeans, you deserve an award.


2. wearing a bra

Let’s be honest ladies, bras are worn for others, not ourselves. And since these ‘others’ are no longer in our life, nor is the need to wear a bra. This freedom is the best thing to come out of quarantine. However, if by some miracle of God, a bra has been worn, an award needs to be given.


3. sleeping before 1 am

Does anything need to be said about this?

4. waking up before 3 pm

If you have a normal-ish body clock, and wake up so early that lunch isn’t the first meal of your day, congratulations. You are beating quarantine, and more than us, your body thanks you.

5. eating healthy for 2 days in a row

We have all dreamt of emerging from quarantine with killer abs and defined jawlines, sadly Maggi, 3 am binges and bottomless glasses have come in the way. However, we all have that one healthy day, wherein we eat wholesome, un-processed food. But the next day it’s back to maida, sugar and MSG. If you have had 2 consecutive healthy eating days, b-r-a-v-o!


6. not watching the entire season after seeing the first episode

It’s so easy to binge a whole season in one sitting now days, because Webseries>>> Sleep. Binge eating also goes amazingly well with binge watching. If you have amassed the will power to actually stop watching after one (or even three) episodes, congratulations, you are amazing.

7. wearing make-up

Actually caring about your appearance while socially isolating is a virtue, specially caring enough to apply a line of kajal or basically anything from your makeup bag.


8. washing clothes and dishes on time

Now days we wear the same clothes and use the same utensils for days. It’s addictive, convenient and comfortable. However, it’s also disgusting. So if you’re cleaning your clothes and dishes more than once a week, you deserve an honor of the highest degree.

9. taking a break from social media

There is no show lest unwatched and no social media platform left unexplored. Our screen-time has quadrupled in quarantine, and it is all due to social media. If you have successfully switched off your phone, or even deleted some social media apps for a short period, you’ve managed the impossible.

10. not cribbing about Covid-19

Constantly cribbing about the Covid numbers rising will not actually stop them from rising. Crying over the lockdown will not end the lockdown. And complaining about social isolation will not make it easier. What will help is being safe, wearing a a mask and efficient sanitizing. This is the new way of life, and the sooner we accept it, the faster we can get on with it. If you’re at peace with it, you deserve a national award.


2020 hasn’t been the best year so far, and it is unlikely that it will become better. We are all getting far too comfortable in our lazy, nonchalant quarantine personas, and that needs to change. We need to get back to the life we once had, where appearance, health and basic hygiene mattered.

What, according to you deserves an award in Rona Szn? Let us know!

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