Ranveer Singh’s Top 5 Movie Roles, Ranked!

Bollywood has seen multiple stars throughout the years, but none come close to the eccentric Ranveer Singh. The crazy, uber-energised, and ridiculously talented actor turns 35 today. Ranveer Singh’s movies impress us, his outfits blind us and his personality attracts us. He is a firecracker who will never burn out. 

To celebrate his spark, here are the 5 best characters from Ranveer Singh’s movies, ranked!-

5. Murad Ahmed

Murad was the quintessential shy soul who came out of his shell with a BANG. Ranveer played his character so beautifully in Gully Boy. His innocence, fear, financial pressure, troubled family life, complicated relationships and his overall growth was portrayed so so so well by Ranveer. It was so natural and perfect. And the crazy rapping?! Who could ever forget that.

ranveer singh movie ranveer singh song

4. Varun Shrivastav/Nandu

Lootera was one of Ranveer Singh’s most underrated performances. The seamless way he pulled off a character who was so composed, but also extremely conflicted deserves recognition. He melted our hearts completely. 

ranveer singh movie ranveer singh song

3. Alauddin Khilji

Ranveer as the notorious Alauddin Khliji in Padmaavat was frightening and downright disturbing. His portrayal of the possessed, overly sexual, deeply passionate and violent Khilji was very traumatising. Apparently, Ranveer needed counselling after filming as he was so consumed by Khilji’s character. Ranveer Singh in Padmaavat was iconic. Extremely troubling, but iconic. 

ranveer singh movie ranveer singh song

2. Ram Rajari

We all had a crush on Ram from Ram-Leela. He was loving, caring, passionate, intense and the perfectly good bad boy. His love for Leela was all consuming and came so naturally to him (we wonder why…). And his oiled up abs didn’t go unnoticed either. Overall, the heated lovestruck role of Ram was the perfect one for Ranveer.

ranveer singh movie ranveer singh song

1. Kabir Mehra

Ofcourse Ranveer Singh as Kabir from Dil Dhadakne Do is our favourite, he had to be. Kabir was imperfectly perfect in every way possible. Right from his childlike stubbornness, his guilt tripping tactics, his weird sense of humour to his eventual courage in standing up to his family. Ranveer pulled off his role so well, especially in the “Yeh butter knife hai” scene. Why don’t we meet boys like him on cruises…

ranveer singh movie ranveer singh song

Bonus- Bittoo Sharma

Ranveer Singh’s debut into Bollywood was made with Bittoo Sharma, the cheeky, street smart boy next door. He slayed with that role and it soon made him a household name. Bittoo was an everyday hustler, who knew his way around a business deal. Ranveer as Bittoo was perfect, and was the stepping stone for his illustrious Bollywood career.

ranveer singh movie ranveer singh song

Despite all his quirks and craziness, we can never get enough of Ranveer Singh. He can carry off the wildest outfits and do justice to any role. Ranveer Singh movies prove his versatility as an actor, and we always look forward to them. 

Happy Birthday Ranveer! Thank you for being you!

Which is your favourite Ranveer Singh character? Let us know!

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