Life Lessons To Learn From The Khalnayak Of Bollywood – Sanjay Dutt

If anybody from the Bollywood industry has had a life that is synonymous with a roller coaster then it is definitely Sanjay Dutt – our very own Baba! He always stood out from the rest, not just because of his films, but due to many other reasons. He hails from the family of superstars – father Sunil Dutt and mother Nargis Dutt are names that we do not even need to describe. In Spite of having everything around him, Baba did not have a life full of roses. 

Sanjay Dutt’s life has always been under scrutiny and he has been rightly termed as the Khalnayak or the Bad Boy of Bollywood by his fans. A controversial life that included juggle between rehabilitation center, central jail, and lots and lots of court cases amidst film releases, shoots, and promotions. But, there is something about Baba that makes us all attached to him – his willpower to fight it all and win like a boss. The dialogue from the film Sanju “Apna life full saanp seedhi ka board hai. Kabhi up toh Kabhi down” perfectly describes his life. 

Sanjay Dutt, through his reel and real-life, has taught us a lot. Life lessons from a man who has seen the best and worst days of his life! So here, today as the Adheera of KGF, the ultimate Khalnayak turns a day older, let us have a look at the life lessons that this man gave us through his films and real life! 

1. Face Your Problems!

There have been decisions that he took but backfired. His career went on the backburner a lot of times, but he always fought back and advised others that “ Tell yourself that you will come back.” He is a warrior. He has learned to face his problems! This reminds us of the dialogue Sanjay Dutt said in the film Luck – Zindagi mein luck bhi sirf uska saath deta hai … jis mein jeetne ka jazba ho. Sanjay Dutt never let failures describe his fate, and this is exactly how we should be too!

2. Own Up To Your Mistakes!

Sanjay Dutt has always said that it’s easier to walk away! But it takes a lot more courage to own up to the mistakes that one has made. He has gone on record to say – “I am a human being and I made mistakes and I should be honest about it.” Be it doing drugs, having a lot of girlfriends, or keeping a rifle, he always spoke about it and accepted the things he did. His dialogue from Sajan clearly states that life isn’t predictable, but owning up to it is what makes everything worthwhile. The dialogue goes as – “ Taqdeer banane wale tune kami na ki … ab kis ko kya mila ye muqaddar ki baat hai.” 

3. Don’t Expect

We expect a lot from others. Be it our friends, family, or our partner, and in the process, we end up hurting ourselves. Baba’s mantra to a happy life is to not expect and he says this from his experience. Sanjay Dutt once said that while he was serving his jail term, none of his friends came to visit him and that was when he realized that expectations hurt. As Sanjay Dutt said in Agneepath – “ Tum Kya Lekar Aaye The Aur Kya Lekar Jaaoge” 

4. Say No To Drugs!

Yes! Hear it from the man who did all kinds of drugs. There were times when the rehab people were surprised to even see him alive. But, the man himself says that this is a path that no one should go. He said, “ I want to tell youngsters, live your life, love your work, love your family, it is better than cocaine.” 

This is when Circuit’s dialogue from Munnabhai Mbbs strikes us – “ Bhai Ne Bola Karne Ka Matlab Karne Ka”

5. Leave Your Past Behind And Control Your Hopes!

Sanjay Dutt believes in just moving ahead. He knows that there is no gain in pondering over what has already happened in the past. He believes that it is really important to stay tough and move ahead. He also says a very important thing about hope. One should not over hope and must control them. He had said, “ Hope Is not bad, but you should be able to control hope.” It is almost like he wants us to remember – “Luck jitna ghista hai … uski dhaar utni hi tezz hoti hai.” So we have to just trust that and walk ahead. 

Sanjay Dutt – The Khalynak is truly an inspiration and he will be soon seen in KGF Chapter 2 as Adheera. We can’t wait to see him in the deadly avatar. The makers just released a new poster from the film to celebrate his birthday and we can’t ask for more.

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