IMDB’s Top Rated Movies You Can Watch This Weekend On Amazon Prime!

Choosing a movie for the weekend has always been the most difficult part. Hours pass by and you still cannot decide which movie to watch. So here, we are making it simple for you this weekend. Here is the list of IMDB’s top rated films on Amazon Prime.

So, what are you waiting for? Just take the responsibility of selecting the movie to watch this time (Trust me, you won’t regret it)

1. The Prestige (IMDB RATING: 8.5)

Christopher Nolan clearly knows to keep his audience hooked to the seat till the end. He is a filmmaker who believes that a film should have a beginning, a middle, and an end, only not necessarily in that order. The Prestige is one such masterpiece by him. Celebrated stage magician Alfred Borden (Bale) is accused of murdering his professional rival Rupert Angier (Jackman). The story revolves around the bitter feud between them, the sacrifices a magician makes for his tricks, and some deadly horrifying truth about their world. It can be rightly called some stylish analogy for the pitfalls of celebrity. There isn’t a single moment where you will disconnect from the film.

2.  The Departed (IMDB RATING: 8.5)

Good and evil – in each other’s mask – well a critic has beautifully captioned the movie. A film by Martin Scorsese, The Departed is a story of two men who are trying to live a normal life that is the radical opposite of their inner selves. While good and evil have exchanged masks, they are in a constant threat that will eventually destroy them. The central characters are played by Leonardo Di Caprio and Matt Daman.  

3. Django Unchained (IMDB RATING: 8.4)

Django Unchained, a film that offers us sensational sequences one after the other. This art is created by Quentin Tarantino, and he had the audience’s attention right from scene one. Schultz (Christopher Waltz) believes that one of the slaves will be of use to him. This slave is Django (Jamie Foxx). Now this story revolves around these two characters who seem opposite but has a lot in common. There is no looking back in this film, and it will chain you to your chairs till the end. This will be your perfect weekend watch!

4. The Wolf Of Wall Street (IMDB RATING: 8.2)  

One of the most entertaining, exciting, disgusting, and illuminating films made about loathsome men. The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013) stars Leonardo Di Caprio as the main lead. Directed by Martin Scorsese, this film is a black comedy crime film. It is based on Belfort’s perspective as a stockbroker and how his firm engaged in rampant corruption and fraud, which eventually led to his downfall. The film was initially supposed to be of 4 hours but was then cut short to 3 hours by Martin’s editor.

5. A Beautiful Mind (IMDB RATING: 8.2)

A Beautiful Mind, as the name goes by is the story of Nash played by Russell Crowe. A man with a brilliant mind and whose mind was of enormous service to humanity, but at the same time, his mind betrayed him as he fell prey to schizophrenia. Director Ron Howard showcases Nash as a beautiful man, due to which his wife (Jennifer Connelly) and friends stand by him at the worst time of his life. There comes a point when Nash thinks that the Russians are sending secret code messages to him via the New York Times. The story just gets interesting as it moves ahead.

6. Shutter Island (IMDB RATING: 8.2)

Visuals can be deceptive, that’s exactly what Shutter Island tells you. This psychological thriller will show you the truth right from the beginning, but you will still fail to take notice of it. The end twist can be rightly called the most memorable twist of the decade. Martin Scorsese helms the director chair, and he has beautifully crafted this masterpiece. It messes with your mind and will also leave you confused at the same time, maybe this is the reason why the critics were divided into two when the film released! The story follows Teddy, a federal Marshall, and his partner Chuck (Played by DiCaprio and Ruffalo into a mysterious island to investigate an escape. Things turn into a creepy, confusing, and mind messing scenario from there.

7.  Gone Girl (IMDB RATING: 8.1)

Gone Girl, a nightmare of love turned into hate. The film makes you believe that Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) might have killed his wife, you start hating him. Then you hear his side of the story, then you start hating his wife Amy (Rosamund Pike). As the story moves ahead with twists and turns and ugly truths unwinding on each step you might want to crack open a few characters’ skulls (especially of the loving Amy). This film is adapted from Gillian Fynn’s book by the same name and is directed by David Fincher.

8.  Catch Me If You Can (IMDB RATING: 8.1)

Steven Speilberg directed film Catch Me If You Can never has a dull moment. Notorious con artist Frank Abagnale played by Leonardo Di Caprio dupes’ people worth millions. He has the art to deceive people and he uses it well in his defense. As his scams get bolder, FBI Agent Carl Hanratty gets on board to catch him. What follows is an interesting cat and mouse game, beautifully crafted by the makers.

9. The Pursuit Of Happyness (IMDB RATING: 8.0)

Written by Steven Conrad and directed by Gabriele Muccino, The Pursuit Of Happyness (2006) is a film in the realist drag. Inspired by true events, this film revolves around the story of Chris Gardner, who tries to keep his family from sinking into poverty. Will Smith’s performance in this film is definitely Oscar-worthy. As the movie progresses, you will learn that you don’t need an army to fight poverty. But do keep tissues handy, as you might cry a bucket full of tears as you watch Will Smith struggle to get out of the gutter with a 5-year-old in tow (Jaden Christopher Syre Smith, Mr. Smith’s own beautiful son).

10. The Imitation Game (IMDB RATING: 8.0)

Directed by Morten Tyldum, The Imitation Game (2014) is a story set in the times of World War II. This thriller is about a stellar team of brits who cracks Nazi Germany’s Enigma code. The story’s central character Alan Turing also invents a revolutionary machine that will give birth to the computer age. The hardships he faces while convincing people about his ideas, his love life which was messed since he was gay (illegal at that time), and then the final fight to victory, the story just keeps you hooked. The film’s end might shatter you, but such is life, that’s what Alan Turing teaches us at the end.

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