If You Haven’t Seen These 6 Iconic Sridevi Movies…what are you even doing?

The Queen of the Indian Film industry would have celebrated her birthday on this day. Sridevi was iconic in every way, whether it was her movies, her fashion forward style or the grace with which she conducted herself. To honour her legacy on her birthday, we made a list of Sridevi movies that everyone needs to see.

Here are 7 Iconic Sridevi movies that need to be seen ASAP-

6. Mom

Sridevi as Devki, the overprotective, strong and vengeful mother was powerful in every way. When her daughter’s assaulters are aquitted by the curt, she sets out to give them the punishment they deserve. Mom showed us another side of Sridevi’s talent that had been hidden for a very long time. Her performance made all of us feel empowered. The movie is downright gripping and a must watch for everyone!

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5. Chandani

Chandani was the epitome of romance in the 80’s amd 90’s. The love triangle between Sridevi, Rishi Kapoor and Vinod Khanna made our hearts melt in every way possible. Chandani is a must watch for all the old souls who crave the original Bollywood romance, the predictable drama and the unconventional story lines.

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4. Sadma

Many believe that Sadma marked the start of Sridevi’s Bollywood career. She plays the role of a young woman in a brothel with retrograde amnesia, due to which she behaved like a child. The sheer skill and talent shown by Sridevi in this challenging role was commendable and downright impressive. Sadma is the perfect thriller and romance movie and must be added to your list!

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3. Lamhe

Considered as one of the best romantic dramas in Bollywood, Lamhe is a must watch. Sridevi plays a dual role opposite Anil Kapoor, and boy does she deliver! Lamhe is full of surprises and will have you on the edge of your seat throughout. It is an emotional roller coaster that you definitely want to sit on.

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2. Mr. India

This list would be incomplete without the cult classic, Mr. India. Sridevi as Seema, the determined, kind and brave journalist was perfect in every way. She added a whole new dimension to the movie, whether it was her stellar performance or her iconic song sequences, especially Hawa Hawaii. Mr. India made Sridevi ever popular and we are grateful for it

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1. English-vinglish

English-Vinglish is arguable Sridevi’s best movie. Seeing her transform on screen from a timid, shy and under-confident housewife to a well spoken, fearless female powerhouse revolutionized her image in the industry. She connected to every surpressed housewife in the country with her performance and encouraged them to follow their dreams. Sridevi is a delight to watch in the movie, and it should not be missed.

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Sridevi will forever be the Queen of the Indian Film Industry. She may not be with us today, but her movies are, and that is something we are ever grateful for. Happy Birthday Sridevi, thank you for your legacy.

Which is your favourite Sridevi movie? Let us know!

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