How Neetu Kapoor Defined Bollywood in the ’70s and ’80s

It’s Neetu Kapoor’s birthday! Apart from being one of the most beautiful and graceful women in Bollywood, she’s also one of the most talented actresses to have graced the big screen. She began her career early, as a child actress in 1966 after Vyjayanthimala spotted her in a dance school. While she’s been acting for around 5 decades, we owe Neetu Kapoor a lot because she was iconic during the 1970s.

On this special occasion, it is only right to explore the 10 movies she did that truly defined Bollywood in the 70s.

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Baby Sonia

Neetu Kapoor, nee Singh, began her career in Bollywood as a child actress named Baby Sonia. In the movie Do Kaliyan (1968), she plays a dual role of twin sisters Ganga-Jamuna. This particular song ‘Bacche Man ke Sachhe’ is just gorgeous and impeccably performed. She inhabits two entirely different young girls, and plays them both in an adorable, animated fashion. If Baby Sonia’s child acting proved anything, it was just that a huge star was soon to arrive.

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Neetu Kapoor’s elegant fashion

Neetu Kapoor’s fashion sense has always been admirable in its eloquence. However, it is safe to say that she has always been this way. Her looks in the 70s were just stunning. At a time when makeup was over the top and hairdos were big and jarring, Neetu Kapoor chose subtlety and elegance over anything else.

She can pull off really cute berets…

…while also rocking the desi look

This outfit pretty much defined fashion in the 70s

Look at this grace! This beauty! This style! This expression! Only Neetu Kapoor can pull off understated fashion with such ease.

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Her comedy roles

Neetu Kapoor’s humour was always incredible and her comic timing, on point. The perfect example is this hilarious scene from the movie Chorni where she’s treated unfairly by her cruel stepmother.

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Her natural dialogue delivery

Neetu Kapoor is a very skilled performer, and this shows in all of her movies. She totally inhabits the character she has to play and makes it totally believable. Just take this one scene from Dharam Veer (1977) for instance:

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You think Disco, you think of Neetu Kapoor

The long hair, the frilly dress, the shimmering lights and the bell bottoms…it’s all symbolic of the ’70s and inadvertently symbolic of Neetu Kapoor. She disco’d and danced her way through the movies and into the audience’s hearts. Just look at how much fun disco seems to be in this song from Yaadon ki Baarat (1973):

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Dr Salma Ali

Although we don’t get to see much of the fabulous Neetu Kapoor in Amar Akbar Anthony(1977), her character Dr Salma Ali is absolutely stunning and intelligent. Rewatch the movie on PrimeVideo and tell us what you think of the ever graceful Neetu ji!

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Mala from The Great Gambler (1979)

Although this scene has the great Amitabh Bachchan, Neetu Kapoor really holds her own. Her character Mala is a force to reckon with and unabashedly confesses her blind love for Amitabh’s character. This scene is short but drives the point home: that Neetu Kapoor can play any role, really.

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The zesty Nisha from Khel Khel Mein (1975)

Apart from giving us fantastic songs, the movie Khel Khel Mein was also well received for its combination of comedy and humour. Neetu Kapoor plays Nisha, who is best friends with Ajay (Rishi Kapoor), the both of whom are college slackers. Their carefree, pranks-filled lives take a turn when a murder takes place and they become involved.

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Ek Main Aur Ek Tu

I mean, we can’t not talk about this song when we’re talking about Khel Khel Mein, can we? Ek Main Aur Ek Tu has been one of the audience’s favourite songs across decades and generations. Neetu Kapoor’s iconic blue dress and chemistry with Rishi Kapoor, apart from the song being popular among the youth, is what sets this number apart. Iconic!

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Komal, Yaarana (1981)

In 1981, Neetu Kapoor took a break from playing comedic, bubbly personalities and shook the audience with her stoic Komal, the no-nonsense artist who trains Amitabh Bachchan’s character Kishan and is responsible for his turning into a mega star. This movie just proved that Neetu Singh can do just about anything.

Bonus: Neetu Kapoor’s iconic, vintage magazine covers!

Neetu Kapoor was ever so graceful and gorgeous even in print, when she was featured in India’s biggest magazines.

Happy birthday to the forever beautiful, incredibly talented, elegant and skillfully eloquent Neetu Kapoor! We love you.

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